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Transcending negative emotions

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Negative emotions like guilt, anger, fear and grief can be transcended by recognizing their source and then seeing them in a new context. In terms of the Law of Attraction, we know we need to find the better-feeling thought, but often we don't know how. Relief is available when we reach a higher perspective, but to get there we must be willing to give up our current perspective. Because we're leaving suffering for a greater level of consciousness, the surrendering of negative emotions is not technically a sacrifice, though there may be momentary discomfort in leaving familiar beliefs.

I'll present slides I've prepared from David R. Hawkins' "I: Reality and Subjectivity," Chapter 12, "The Emotions," and we can all discuss. Here's a sampling of the material:

[Guilt] "Past errors are to be looked at with compassion as well as responsibility, which is the only way to correct an error. One has to clarify the intention of the act at the time as well as the difference between guilt and regret. Regret is often more appropriate for past actions that did not turn out well. True guilt applies to intention, whereas regret refers to unfavorable outcome."

[Anger] "The best defense against the development of anger is to see others as equals, lessen expectations, and via humility, surrender the fulfillment of one's wants to God. With progressive detachment and relinquishment of the ego's demands and expectations, anger diminishes."

[Fear, also worry and anxiety] "Cessation of fear is the result of learning that the source of happiness and joy is from within. It stems from recognizing that its source is the joy of one's own existence, which is continuous and not dependent on externals. This results from surrendering expectations and demands on one's self, the world, and others."

[Grief] "The fulfillment of desires quells the ego's painful sense of lack, and in the quiet that ensues, it is really the happiness of the Self that was then experienced and not the ego's acquisition...The mind's error is that it ascribes the source of the feeling of happiness to 'out there' instead of 'in here'."