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Advanced LOA: Manifesting in a Seven Dimensional Universe

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Presenting a sophisticated framework for understanding the organization of the universe through the energetic frequencies of seven dimensions. The framework illustrates a model of top-down, constant creation from the seemingly abstract dimensions of Power, Knowledge and Potentiality to the more familiar dimensions of Time, Space, the Euclidean Plane and Linearity to a zero-dimension of unreality called the matrix of thought.

How does this relate to manifestation, you ask? If you are still with me, that is! Lol! This isn't intended to be a stuffy lecture on quantum mechanics or astrophysics, though it promises consistency with what is scientifically understood. The intention is to elucidate the seen and unseen dimensions of the universe experienced simultaneously through the body's seven chakras. As we understand chakras as energy receptors tuned to specific frequencies corresponding to dimensions, a route to access higher dimensions is revealed.

Why do we want to access higher dimensions? Eventually it is learned there is nothing you really want at the lower dimensions, because the lower the dimension within which you focus, the lower your experience of peace, happiness and subjective success. And, simply put, higher dimensions effortlessly bring about physical manifestation. A major factor in reaching higher dimensions is releasing the egoic sense of control over situations, people and things. Don't worry. The journey gets quite pleasurable as control is recognized and surrendered as a burdensome responsibility.

Part of the struggle of lower dimensions is the belief that struggle is necessary for achievement, important for learning, or valuable as a point of pride. In fact, people have myriad justifications to continue efforting within their chosen dimension. Fundamentally, beliefs constrain the energy of constant creation to a frequency with which one is most familiar and adapted. That can be a positive, constructive frequency like courage or enthusiasm (3rd dimension), gratitude, trust and acceptance (4th dimension), optimism, and willingness (5th dimension) love and beauty (6th dimension), or joy, bliss and ecstasy (7th dimension). These beliefs can be cultivated through visualization/association and other Law of Attraction techniques.

Realistically, however, the average person has any number of beliefs that, when triggered, pull him into experiencing the chaos and confusion of the first and second dimensions to which the modern human is no longer well adapted. In these moments, having descended in dimensional awareness, the happiness of higher dimensions is longed for. (I picture the villains in Superman II banished to a two-dimensional plane flipping through outer space).

The energetic pull towards these lowest dimensions is eventually transcended within an individual through courageous awareness of their deleterious nature; the pull does not go away with inattention, repression, suppression or even expression. One can make considerable steps towards better physical and emotional health by releasing a meaning inadvertently used to explain a traumatic, low frequency energy experience (as from childhood abuse, accident, divorce, etc).

So, stepping into awareness of a new dimension means letting go of attachment/meaning to the familiar though unpleasant frequencies of energy that prevent it. Each chakra seems to develop independently of the other chakras. One can be strong in the 3rd chakra (Dimension of Matter/Space), and money comes easily to her. Yet that same person can be weak in the 4th chakra (Dimension of Time) and feel powerless, vulnerable or out of control in relationships.

Money and relationships aren't just different skill sets--they're different dimensions! To succeed in both, one examines the beliefs constraining the energy of those chakras/dimensions. Beliefs are obstacles to greater awareness, because they arbitrarily decide what a frequency of energy means. That's what holds the energy in place. One will see immense progress in letting go of just a single belief that liberates a low-frequency energy from manifesting low-frequency experiences. Then, blissfully, higher frequencies emerge as having been ever-present.

Finally, having attained a modicum of awareness, Matter or Time manifestations are facilitated by the recognition, acceptance and appreciation of potentialities (unmanifest realities) in the Dimensions of Potentiality and Knowledge. We have always had access to these dimension via visualization, but the approach described here is in no way imaginative or abstract. It is based on a comprehension of the universe that transcends Time and Matter, where potentiality is as real as materiality. In the 5th and 6th dimensions, with context expanded accordingly, one transcends the apparent issues of lower dimensions with relative ease.

Although this is merely a detailed recapitulation of LOA principles, it will sound like nonsense if you don't know what awareness is--and that's what I'd like to help you develop. I'll do my best to answer your questions during and after the presentation. There will also be posted office hours on Mondays for small group discussions. Individual meetings can also be scheduled by appointment; just contact me directly.


About me: My intention from three years ago was to retire. I was 42 years old at the time. I didn't have a lot of money saved up, so this was kind of a dream. The first year was emotionally challenging as I watched my money dwindle down to nothing. Luckily, this experience spurred me to release considerable fear-level energies which were blocking my success. Then, quite naturally, friends showed up along the way, and I was provided for until my real estate deal put me back in the black. I bought my dream car and traveled for two months in the Far East. My money stays invested in real estate while I live a life of leisure and vacation regularly. My dream is alive and well. I hope your is, too!

About the Re/Max office: My brother, Devon, has been practicing LOA principles just as long as me. We discovered it together. Like me, Devon released attachment to lower energies and accelerated his dream, part of which was owning a real estate brokerage. Devon now makes more money than ever and gets to be the head honcho with all the perks. My thanks to Devon for providing office space for LOA meetings free of charge.