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Meet at the Benjamin Hooks library to see Evolution Great Transformations

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Join Memphis Freethought Alliance this Sunday, May 29th, at 1:30 pm at Benjamin L. Hooks Main Library in Room A for this installment of the educational film classic, Evolution: Great Transformations! (MFA first previewed this series for Darwin Day in 2008 with Darwin's Dangerous Idea.)

Description below-

Evolution offers a groundbreaking and definitive view of the extraordinary impact the evolutionary process has had on our understanding of the world around us. Beginning with Darwin's revolutionary theory, this seven part series explores all facets of evolution- the changes that spawned the tree of life, the power of sex, how evolution continues to affect us every day and the perceived conflict between science and religion.


From the development of the four-limbed body plan, the journey of animal life from water to land and the emergence of humans, Great Transformations focuses on the evolutionary changes that triggered the earth's incredible diversity.

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