⭐ Introduction to Deep Learning (U-net)


We will start with an overview to the growth of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning over the time. An introduction to AI and getting more into the details later. This will be presented by one the organizers.

In this event we will have two sections, one above and the second one will be going through a basic deep learning based paper.

You can enjoy the event more if you read the paper once before coming for the event. We will explain shortly what the paper is about and those who have read the paper can ask question and discuss any ambiguity about the paper. This is the link to the paper which we will discuss about in the oncoming event: https://arxiv.org/abs/1505.04597

Don't forget to bring your business cards and your notebook. This is a right place to build up your network.

Welcome drinks are provided. There is also a bar in the event to get your drinks.

18:00 : Welcome and grabbing your drink
18:15 : Introduction to Deep learning
18:45 : Discussion and a break
19.10 : Hot AI
19:20 : Discussing the selected paper(around 30 minutes)
After the paper : Networking


You can get to the event through:
U6, 6, 18 Gumpendorferstraße
U3, U6, 52, 58 Westbahnhof

Looking forward to seeing you all :)
Rhona and Thomas