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What we’re about

The history of mankind does not begin with a conscious aim in mind. Yet, beyond the myriad of individual struggles of countless human beings, above a deposit of hopes left by a whole people for a better human condition, surfaces the significance of History, but only as a prelude to a better world still to come.
The purpose of History is there to be traced only in its aggregate, by the residue of successive evaporation of human societies, in the dark grey tint of the centuries, that never leave a testimony destitute of the colossal work of people and nations, combining unity with complexity.
Progress is never smooth and steady, but it does not go backward either. The gains made in previous epochs are never lost entirely. Each wave of thought leaves its legacy, each individual contributes in its furthering: the fancy of a philosopher disciplined by the ambition of a ruler, the genius of a scientist sponsored by the acumen of a king. And so does the artist, so does the mystic, so does the explorer.
Certainly there is material for selected investigations in those successive contributions brought by the wind of Philosophy, Religion, Science, Esotericism, Politics, Literature. Collectively and simply.
P.S. This group is about History and Philosophy and that is what we will discuss if such disciplines interest you. No fees, no affiliation.