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What we’re about

Why should you attend?
​ -To develop yourself into a Self-Actualized Thought Leader and take quantum leap forward in your career.
-To learn the revolutionary philosophy of human potential and performance development and management.
-To know the answers to Who, Why, How and What questions of your existence.
-To open up a career path of joining us at a leadership or mentorship position.
-To become the most-preferred partner of Defined Values Consultants
-To join Project YugParivartan Team, a project initiated to rebuild the social, political, economic and physical infrastructure of the world based on Eternal Principles..
-There are many more reasons to join the thought revolution.... Come and explore yourself....
Target Audience 
-CEO, CxO, Leaders and HR Heads may participate to explore the integration of SALDP into their Learning & Development department.
-People on Management position may attend to build a leadership career for themselves, while still on the job.
-Entrepreneurs, Startup Partners, Leaders of Small and Medium Enterprises may join to become integral part of a rapidly growing Corporate Entity.
-Other Individuals may attend to build an enterprise for themselves. Each SALDP participant is prepared for building at least 1000 headcount organization through the SALN Support.
-Spiritual seekers may attend to realize the spiritual wisdom through a completely rational model.
-People seeking an end to corruption, inflation, recession, choked cities, political turmoil, communal disharmony, and last but not the least the drastic effects of Global Warming may also gain a lot of insight from this seminar.