What we're about

This is a group to improve life skills (Self-awareness، Empathy ،Critical thinking ،Creative thinking٫ Decision making، Problem Solving، Effective communication andInterpersonal relationship) and sprituality.
In this self-help group you learn about yourself and improve your relationship with yourself and others through simple practical exercises.

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and have a master degree in clinical psychology. Throughout my personal and professional experiences in life, I have found that practicing simple spiritual and self-improvement techniques can improve the quality of life. Therefore on these meetups I will share with you what I have learned, we will have some simple exercises to practice and we will share our experiences with one another.

The meetup is 2 hours. the first our is dedicated to sharing the outcome of the previous week's practice and the second hour we will discuss a new practice.


Seeking the positive
The art of communicating resentments
Time management and scheduling
Reconditioning the mind for better habits
emotion regulation
Improving tolerance
Reaction analysis and reaction formation
getting to know the ego and how it gets in the way
Being present and meditation personality typology
getting to know inner states
Healing the inner child
communication skills Assertiveness
Healing relationships
Discovering the negative cycle of arguments
The power of intention
Setting values and goals
Positive thinking and cognitive errors
stress management
self-compassion and self-esteem
Meaning of life and happiness
Deep self realization
Implications of neuroscience for a better life
changing negative beliefs
authentic love

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Cleansing the heart( forgiveness)

University Tower Building

First self-empowerment meetup

University Tower Building

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