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Price: $135.00 /per person
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Bringing in the new you with God is much more fun than trying to do it without God. Without God the way can be hazardous and you are left only to fate deciding if things are going to go well or not. With God the way is a plan. With a plan you can move from where you are to where you are going with much less energy expended. God can work out all the details instead of you. God sees all that is involved where you can only see your part.This is an interactive workshop where you will be part of the plan God wants for you.

This workshop focuses on the Soul/body union. God is the controller of the Soul. The Soul is housed in the body, connected to it and to the mind. By mastering the union of the body and the Soul, you will be at one with God’s plan.

Dr. Sandi Earl has practiced in the Atlanta area for 14 years as a chiropractor. She also practices as an engery vibrational healer, as well as teaches courses in personal growth through connection with the Divine. With the focus on finding the source of the problem, and treating the source, rather than the traditional chiropractic approach of ongoing visits, Dr. Earl has developed her own technique combining chiropractic, acupuncture, stress relief, and prana balancing.Dr. Sandi works out of the Self Discovery Center as well as her office on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs. For Further information, please call 404-861-5214.

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