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Harnessing Your Brain Power with Sacred Sound and Sacred Food

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5.00 pm Two presentations by Mandara Cromwell and Anandini Dasi

6.30 pm Delicious Vegan Dinner cooked by Anandini and Kamalaksi

7.30 pm Music band of Sacred Sanskrit Chants from India by Anandini

Harnessing Your Brain Power with Healing and Sacred Sound

Having trouble managing your physical pain, emotional stress and achieving your goals?
Learn the underlying tricks your brain plays that can interfere with your acceleration.
See how sound can bypass the logical mind and shift physical and emotional issues at
the core level.
Identify your patterns, master simple techniques and learn the right sounds to
accelerate your path to health and success.

Join us as we trace healing and sacred sound through history, from the ancient to modern day sound techniques and technologies used in today’s medicine.

Cymatics—The Science of Sound

Could harnessing one of the most powerful energies in the Universe, SOUND, lead us to the medicine of the future?
Today, with modern technology and the science of Cymatics we can now visibly observe the sea of frequency and vibration that surrounds us. In this presentation we trace healing and sacred sound through history, from the ancient to modern day sound technologies in medicine.

Through the science of Cymatics we will:
* SEE sound structure materialize--as audible frequencies animate inert powders, pastes
and liquids into life-like flowing forms and figures found in sacred art and architecture,
* HEAR harmonics and subharmonics that create a sacred space for healing and
* FEEL REVITALIZED as we bathe in a sonic atmosphere of healing frequencies,
* UNDERSTAND the power we each have to create, sustain and destroy elements in our
personal worlds through sound,
* IMPLEMENT practical approaches for creating greater harmony in life by becoming more aware of those unconscious vibrations that we constantly allow throughout our day andcreplace them with healing sound vibrations.

--Mandara Cromwell, Founder and Board Chair of ISTA, (International Sound Therapy
Association), President of Cyma Technologies and 2013 Edison Award Nominee.
--Anandini Dasi, Founder of the Self Discovery Center in Atlanta, and of the Centre de decouvertede Soi in Belgium, she is a certified Yoga teacher, Reiki master, and Cymotechnology Practitioner.

Mandara Cromwell is the Founder and Board Chair for ISTA (The International Sound Therapy Association), producer of Cymatics~The Science of Sound and Vibrational Healing Annual Conference, CEO and President of Cyma Technologies, Inc., and 2013 Nominee for the Thomas Edison Award for Innovation in the fields of Science and Medicine for the AMI750®.
Experiencing a love for Gregorian chant as a child, Mandara continued on her sound journey after college, traveling to India to study Sanskrit chant, yoga and meditation. Years later she was introduced to the world of Cymatics with the meeting of Dr. Peter Guy Manners, a British osteopath who discovered audible soundwave frequency patterns that effect cellular regeneration. Manners worked in collaboration with a
group of scientists and medical doctors, for decades, formulating biosignatures and healing frequencies for each part and function of the body. These “Cymatic Signatures” create cellular symphonies that nurture and nourish our body, mind and spirit, resulting in a state of harmonious health. Since Manners passing in 2009, Cyma Technologies continues the research and development of therapeutic sound devices implementing therapeutic audible frequencies.

Mandara Cromwell lectures on behalf of the International Sound Therapy Association—an organization dedicated to increasing the public’s awareness of the power of our thoughts and words, and sound in our environment. ISTA is also dedicated to promoting therapeutic sound modalities to the healing world.

Mandara Cromwell

Anandini Dasi is the founder of the Self Discovery Center in Atlanta. ( and the Centre de Couverte de Soi in Belgium: (

Anandini organizes numerous workshops which support people in discovering themselves through yoga, Ayurveda, cosmology, astrology, Tibetan Bowls and many other topics related to self-discovery.

Anandini is a registered 500 hour Atma yoga teacher.

She has been chanting mantras, (Sanskrit sound vibrations), for the last 25 years and blends these two disciplines in the classes she teaches throughout the world. In addition she has produced a Healing Sounds cd with these mantras.

A Reiki master since 1995, Anandini combines her Reiki sessions with Cymatherapy to assist her clients in establishing a natural harmony of body, mind and spirit.

Anandini Dasi (

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