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If you love the self improvement section of the book store and you want to be surrounded by like minded people that encourage and support your personal growth this meetup group is for you.

We will explore in an interactive way, the concepts and teachings from various influential leaders such as... Simon Sinek (Start with Why), Jordan Peterson (12 Rules for Life), TD Jakes (motivational speaker), Jay Shetty (motivational speaker), Deepak Chopra (7 Laws for Spiritual Success), Rhonda Byrne (The Secret), Mark Manson (The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*%K), .

Far too often people read books or go to seminars, but without the support from others, they quickly lose the passion and resort back to their old ways. This group will combat that.

Simon Sinek helps business owners understand how to motivate staff and market your services. People don't by what you do, they buy WHY YOU DO IT. Meetups on this topic will be about discovering the WHY behind what you do and to resonate that why in a way to attract others.

Jordan Peterson - (12 rules for life author) - is a clinical psychologist from Toronto who explains that life is hard. It's incredibly difficult and it involves a great deal of suffering. But the way to get through it, is to find meaning in your life such that it justifies the suffering. To be on your death bed and know that the world has less suffering in it, because of your existence. Plan your life in a way you'll have meaning and purpose beyond the pain and suffering we experience.

TD Jakes is a Christian Pastor and Motivational Speaker. We will not explore the "Christian" aspects, but many of his concepts are worth exploring regardless the religious denomination. Just because there are parts of your life that are broken... doesn't mean you can't survive! Grab a piece of what you have left, and hold on until you get to the other side. You don't need everything you used to have, in order to get to where you want to go. Sometimes, you have to let go of what you have, to make room for what you need.\

Jay Shetty lived as a Monk for 3 years. Buddhism is a psychology of the mind and defines HELL as Depression. It is a prescription of 21 meditations designed to eliminate depression and maintain a positive state of mind. The wisdom of Buddhism is vast, but often too boring to adopt in today's fast pace. Jay Shetty on the other hand "makes wisdom go viral", with over 10+ million followers and 1 billion views.

Book 7 Laws of Spiritual Success - This book is also an audio file that is 1 hour and 20 minutes long. With 7 chapters each full of wisdom for transformation. implementing these 7 laws results in the most peaceful and happy life one could imagine. Uncertainty in our lives no longer become sources of anxiety, but instead become sources of excitement. The law of attraction, law of giving, Law of uncertainty, Law of pure potentiality and 3 other laws we will discuss in the meetups.

The Secret - is a book that goes further into the law of attraction and again is a movie on youtube and also a book that is a quick read. This meetup group, will encourage implementation of the law of attraction and allow for using it in your life. Essentially, you are a transmitter of energy, and what you transmit like a radio station, determines who will listen/respond. Resonate in a certain way and watch what you get.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*&k - is a self help book taking the world by storm. This book is another quick read but implementing the strategies is life transforming. The concept is, we don't need to give a f... about everything and anything because there just isn't enough time in life to give a F... about everything. Rather, live your life understanding, you will suck at lots of things... but that is ok. The idea is to give a F... about only a few really important things, but to care about those things in a way you don't give a F... who knows. Who cares what others think... shed that burden from your life.

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