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This is a group for people committed to understand, troubleshoot and manage our beautiful minds and clear unchartered anxiety and fear. The aim is to grow our professional, artistic and athletic performance, restoring our natural balance, efficiency and joy.

Our natural state of mind is high performing and happy. Unfortunately, lack of proper parental models combined with challenging life events, may severely affect our emotional responses, overwhelm us with anxiety and fear and dramatically reduce our mind’s resources.

This lack of balance in our emotional responses is the root-cause of life-crippling symptoms such as unwanted anxiety, fear, anger, addiction, depression, lack of confidence, codependency, PTSD, post-partum depression, confusion, procrastination, feeling overwhelmed, lost or stuck, lack of motivation, social or performance anxiety, self-loathing and guilt, emotional or spiritual numbness and sadness.

Gaining and implementing the missing parental models allows us to establish clarity and balance in our mind. This process clears anxiety and fear, and the resulting symptoms. As soon anxiety and fear are cleared, the reclaimed brainpower can be then reinvested in high-performance and happiness.

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