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Brand Niemann will present at our December meeting, with some timely news on the intersection of cloud computing and the semantic web.

* A Semantic Cloud Computing Desktop / Mobile Apps with Linked Open Data that consists of the following:

* A database of "things" referenced by URL's (e.g. my Twitter) (see Designing URI Sets for the UK Public Sector: A report from the Public Sector Information Domain of the CTO Council's cross-Government Enterprise Architecture, Interim paper, Version 1.0, October 2009, PDF). "The Semantic Web relies on good URI's", James Hendler.
* A free Wiki (Deki Express) that was a "fork" from MediaWiki that evolved to a platform (web-services with a wiki interface) that further evolved to a Cloud Computing Internet Operating System Desktop (see migration to Amazon EC2 and recent MindTouch announcement) that helped our community produce many semantic applications (e.g. previous page) organized by topic, subtopic, data table, and data elements with well-defined URL's in support of (see especiallyhttp://federaldata.wi... (
* A semantic publishing environment that supports use on Mobile Apps (e.g. iPhone) and Linked Open Data through MindTouch Extensions (e.g. App Catalog), conversion of the MySQL database to an RDF triple-store (e.g. DBpedia), and use with spreadsheet tools (e,g. Cambridge Semantics).

Brand will be announcing The Year 2010 of Semantic Web Training and Pilots for by:

* Creating a good set of URLs for the content (e.g., vocabulary, taxonomy, ontology)
* Implementing that in a tool that supports Web standards (e.g., REST, PHP, DREAM)
* Publishing it to the Web in Semantic Web formats (e.g., RDF, OWL, RIF)

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