Sensorthings hackathon, day one

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14 people going



On Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th of Oktober Geonovum, the geostandards body in the Netherlands, organises a hackathon about the new and upcoming standard for sensor networks: Sensorthings. Sensorthings is an international standard by the Opengeospatial consortium. It provides and API/linked data interface standard to request ans present measurements and timeseries of measurements.

Sensorthings can provide us (the Sensemakers) with a standard way to share our data. This meetup we can get together to gain experience with Sensorthings and to build

Some ideas:
- Arduino sketch to support a (subset of) the sensorthings protocol.
- Application script for sensorthings/mqtt in TheThingsNetwork to send data from TheThings to a Sensorthings server.
- Get data from the http;// server and send it to the Sensorthings server.
- Getting timeseries and individual measurements from the Sensorthings server and visualise/analyse them.

The hackathon will be a two day, full day event. Our meetup will be in the evenings, for those who have day jobs. Read more about the hackathon: