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How Mobile Advertising and Rich Media will drive your eCommerce Sales

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Hey New York SEO and Social Media Marketing Academy Meetup Fans (

Did you know?

80% of all adults now own a smartphone according to TechCrunch Magazine (

50% of eCommerce traffic is coming from mobile

Mobile Digital Commerce is outpacing PC growth rates; therefore is is quintessential to learn about the how the advertising industry is shifting towards mobile/tablet with number of smartphone users at an all time high.

Mike Basch will speak about the Rise of Rich Media and how that will help drive your eCommerce sales:

-Rich media’s role in the transition to mobile

-User acquisition using mobile for your eCommerce Site

-Why Spotad got into the marketplace of mobile advertising

-How to attain customers for your eCommerce site/app using mobile customizable add layouts

-How to target and optimize to your audience on mobile.

More about Mike Basch:

Having launched his career at the young age of 8 selling Lemonade for 25 cents a cup on the corner of his street in LA, he retains a hunger for business for as long as he can remember. With a background consisting of running over 20 coffee shops, building a global sourcing business, and finally landing in mobile ad tech, Michael knows how to build businesses across multiple industries and categories.

As it pertains to Spotad (, Michael first got involved as an investor in the initial seed round in Mid-2013. After being an active investor for a year, in Mid-2014, joined the business full-time, launching the US office--where they are looking to move the company headquarters to by end of 2015. You can connect with him on Linkedin here. (

More about Spotad:

Spotad has an expertise in user acquisition as it pertains to mobile/tablet advertising, specifically for apps and e-commerce sites. In the rapidly growing world of advertising, Rich Media ads are the new spots everyone wants to tap into, while technology has been an obstacle for most advertisers. SpotAd removes this obstacle by using unique proprietary framework that enables every brand owner and marketers to deliver it’s own rich media ad in minutes.

To visit Spotad's Website: Spotad (

The Meetup Structure:

7:00 - Short Networking

7:30 - We would love to hear 30 second of something about you from all our members

8:00 -Mike will be presenting with Q&A

8:35-9:30 We will be having networking (For any Netsuite & Magento eCommerce related questions Sam Baron & Mai Erne from Hara Partners will be there to answer them)

Hope to see you all there!

Your fearless SEO & Social Media Marketing Academy leader,


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