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We are a group for artists, aspiring artists, or amature doodlers to come together and draw.

This is a social drawing group. Every week or two, we get together at a local establishment and participate in a collective drawing experience.

Most of our works are free range where one contributor begins and others add with whatever they see fit. At times, we do gimmicks and themes to help bring out the muses. But, nothing is obligatory. People can come for the socializing, for the drawing or both.

This group is as much social as it is about drawing. Whether meeting in a coffee shop, restaurant or bar, we seek to maintain an open and welcoming atmosphere.

Please see the blog/facebook pages for more info:


Where we usually go: Indigo Cafe in Haebangchon

What day: Usually Sunday until Further notice.

What time: Usually from 7:00 - 10:00

**How to get there:**

Go to Noksapyeong Station, line 6, exit 2.
From exit 2, go straight.
At the U.S. army base, Haebangchon Road goes to the left from the main road.
Go left on Haebangchon . (You will pass the 'Friendship House Gate' and a bunch of giant pots for making kimchi)
Keep going straight up the hill. Indigo Cafe is on the right side.


-찾아오는 길--
지하철 6호선 녹사평역 2번출구에서 직진하다보면 왼쪽에 미군부대가 나옵니다.
미군부대 왼쪽으로 해방촌으로 올라오세요. (미군부대의 'Friendship House Gate'가 보이고, 장독대가 쌓여있는 길이에요.)
계속 올라오시다보면 인디고 까페가 오른쪽에 있습니다.
매주 일요일 7:00~10:00PM에 드링크앤드로우를 합니다.

-Important Note--
Sometimes, we arrive a few minutes late.
If you arrive and no one is there, please check with one of the servers in the Indigo. The people there are familiar with us, so you can ask them if anyone has arrived yet. If we aren't there, then just wait for a little bit before you give up.

Any questions, text:
Kathleen Thompson
O1O - 2445 - 8623