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SKI/Snowboard Daytrip For All The Total Novices , 스키/스노우보드 여행 강습

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Hi~! All~

The weather changes day by day and the magical white snow will be covering mountains outside of Seoul only in couple of weeks!

Seoul HIking & Nature Group will take you to one of best and nice resort! And give you a magical instruction to hit the slope only in 30 minutes! Just ready to enjoy the snowy slope on your own ski/SB plates!
You just need couple of slopes to practice and enjoy with friends!
Let's get out! enjoy the white snow world!
Of course anyone with diverse level can join this trip to enjoy ski/SB!
* After this instruction trip ,we will have overnight trips to winter olympic resorts in Gangwondo following weekends to enjoy numerous slopes~

* Depending on weather on that weekend,if the slope at the Jisan resort is not ready to have enough snow, we will find some other resorts which have better snow and slopes open(alternatives can be Vivaldi,Wellyhilly,or Pheonix Park) and there will be no chance of postponing trips to ohter weekends. In case, there will be small changes of fund of several dollars due to different resorts.

* Don't worry even you don't have gears and clothings, Add extra fund to rental gear,clothings
* Add extra for the all day lift if any experienced who do not need instruction and want to enjoy all day!
Spread the word!

Kick off the joy of snowy white winter and the fear of cold weather~!

♣ Clothings for SKI/SB would be preferable, any kind of outdoor windbreaker,waterproof, Please, buy winter gloves. you can rent but you can get them cheap about the same price of rental.

[♣ Fund]

1) Bus to resort + lift (12PM-4:30PM) for the price of 59,000won.
GEARS : add extra money when you want to rent) Ski/board board,boots(+poles) rental for 10,000won.

CLOTHINGS : add extra money when you want to rent) pant + jacket rental for 10,000won (pants only 5kwon, jacket only 5k won)

2) Please 59,000won to account 5만9천원을 아래로 입금해주세요
Bank name: Kookmin Bank
Bank account number:[masked],
My account name: 김승일(Seoul Hiking))

*Paypal to 58USD [masked]( including PAYPAL service fee, exchange rate fee)

If you are paying the day of the trip, the price is 65,000won (only if spots are available!)

~ Nov,23rd,Fri : -3,000won,
~ Dec,7th,Fri : -2,000won

� GROUP DISCOUNT : -₩5,000 per person when you have more than 5 people to wire money all together , and send the names to [masked]

� Frequent bus trip discount : for those who came to BUS trip AT LEAST
1~2times:-₩1,000 / 3~4times:-₩2,000 / 5times more : -₩3,000

♣ PROCESS for the confirmation, After payment, MUST register a form to get the proper gear rental IN ADVANCE !

1. CLICK below to confirm, RSVP, check shoe sizes and then check the confirmed list!

After you've completed the wire transfer please copy and paste and modify it on the Facebook wall
(If you don’t want your information visible on the Facebook wall, please send an email to: [masked])

------------Copy and modify--------
Email title -> 15th, Dec 2018 Ski/SB Trip for the total novice
a.full name(bank account holder name) or who wired money :
b.the exact time+date you wired money :
c. fund (detail description) : basic fee - discounts + rental options number :
e.bus pickup(choose one,must check for the first timers) : Hapjeong/ Sinyongsan /Express bus terminal /Jamsil)
------------Copy and modify FINISH--------


[BUS PICK UP] near metro(subway) station
- Please make it sure to come to the pickup places 10 minutes early
- Bus leave sharply, bus also can be influeneced by traffic and be slow.Please wait until the bus comes.
- RED bus, SEOULHIKING signs in front of bus.
- when you are running late for the Hapjeong pickup,then you need to go
Express bus terminal station.

TRIP LEADER Warren[masked]
[7AM] (please,check below for map) pick up at Sinchon,Sinyongsan,Express bus Terminal,Jukjeon,

7AM: Sinchon신촌 ,Line2 green line, out exit7, walk 100 meter to TAXI stop)
715AM:Sinyongsan stn 신용산(line4),exit3 (from Yongsan stn, walk to main street around 3 mintues)
725AM:Express bus terminal 고속터미널(line3&line7&line9 crossing),out of exit8(not 8-1,8-2)
750AM JAMSIL 잠실 (line2), exit4, walk 200 meters, in front of LOTTEMART

[♣ Map of pick-up] details of picutres FOR THE FIRST TIMER

[10AM] Rental shop

- Check the size of gears
- rent the clothings,
-instruction(can be skip this experienced)
- lunch on your own

[12PM] Hit the slope, lift
[430PM] return gears, 5PM departs for home

♣ Refund Policy


In order to get a refund you must include the following: Bank information, trip name, bank name, account number and how much you wired.

* There is a 5,000 won cancellation fee for those that cancel 3 days prior to the trip. You do however, have the option to save the money for credit for future trips (avoid the cancellation fee!)

-For those that cancel 48-24 hours before departure, you are eligible for a 15,000 refund \

-For those that cancel 24 hours before departure you may use 10,000won

*IF you fail to show up, you will not get a refund.


♣ For beginners: Instructions for snowboarding/skiing ,초보분들 아래를 숙지해주세요


Easy as easy to ride bicycles!

Learning how to ride a board (or to ski) is similar to learning how to ride a bicycle! If you believe that you are going to stand up and ride down that slope, you can do it! One of the most important and crucial things about learning how to ski/snowboard for the first time is, you shouldn’t be afraid of falling down. It’s all about the learning process. On the plus side, unlike riding a bike, you’re falling down on fluffy snow!

Once you get the swing of things, you’ll be a professional flying down the hills in no time!

♣[ I STRONGLY recommend beginners to watch the videos posted below. This will teach you some proper techniques, including how to fall down properly, stand up without hurting yourself etc ] 유튜브 강습 비디오도 한 번 봐주구요! 안봐도 상관없이 훌룡하게 가르쳐 드립니다!!!






Beginner Skiing Lesson #1-1 - Getting Started and Equipment

[♣ Step 1: Choose proper gear] 적당한 장비 고르기

-will be prepared by the rental shop

-you've already provided your height and foot size, so there will be gear already arranged for the beginners (they will also do a fitting with you to make sure things fit properly!)

[♣ Step 2 choose proper slopes] 적당한 슬로프 찾기

-We will choose a fitting slope for the beginners. This means, you have time to practice all together and watch out for each other.

-The best thing is to try and try! FIGHTING~!

-Karissa and some other experienced members will be around to instruct, guide and help you for 1-2 hours.

[♣ Step 3 enjoy your time!] 즐거운 시간 보내기

-when you finally feel comfortable to do things on your own, you can go check out other slopes!

♣ SAFETY 안전사항 : J-turn slide for Snowboard, S-line for the Ski. going straight is the main reason to crush to others and the accident.

Ski/SB and soccer is the sports that get the most injury among all the popular sports except some more in extreme sports.