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BoardGames at Other Realms (Ward Warehouse)

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Other Realms, a friendly local game shop (, sponsors a weekly gaming evening from 5 to 9ish PM on Mondays in the Ward Warehouse conference rooms. Gaming ranges from pen-and-paper roleplaying to miniature wargaming to board gaming, although this group typically focuses on the latter. The tables are "first come, first serve," but we've managed to claim stake on some tables each week.

We ask that each person bring a game or two; some of us, if we make it, will probably bring more. However, it is NOT mandatory to bring games!

So far, we've enjoyed some great company and shared some great games. In order for Other Realms to continue the event to ensure the local gaming community continues to thrive, it is highly encouraged to spend a few $$ now and then to thank them for their kindness.

Whether you are a veteran gamer or new to the hobby, we look forward to meeting you and gaming with you! If you can't make it at the start time, no worries! Just show up when you can and we'll see you there!

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