MVC 5 part two

This is a past event

13 people went

Every 1st Thursday of the month


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OK, after having received actual feedback from the group, there is the list of things we'll be tackling for this meetup:

1. Revisit Dependency Injection. There will be further details as I put something together, it will be based on code used in prior sessions, so it's already up here. More details to follow in the coming weeks.

2. A *fast* review of SOLID as it pertains to web site development.

3. We will do a "File | New" with a standard MVC5 application. Again, this will be a no security, nothing fancy, "start here" type of app. We will explore routing and the correct way to write code using SOLID principals. When complete, each participant that follows along will have a basic website that is dependency injection enabled and will know how to construct their basic controller methods.

Again, let me reemphasize that the books referenced in the prior meetups are a really good thing to have as after this session, I'll be pulling references, notes, etc. from those books to use as reference material and "suggested reading for the student at large".

Here are the book and software references:

1. Download and install the free tool "Fiddler", here is the link:

Be warned, the download will kick off immediately!

2. Get this book (NOT required, but Very Useful for using Fiddler):

3. A book (one of many) by Adam Freeman on MVC:

4. Here is Mark Seemann's book on DI:

5. Here is the book on Ninject - my favorite DI tool: