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Newbie stuff! I have not forgotten the original purpose behind this group - training developers to write GOOD code using industry best practices; things like SOLID, SOA, etc. So...for the newcomers to the group, I will still be doing the cycle of training that I started the group with. Depending on the stated desires (...and yes, you have to show up so that I know what those desires actually are...), I can go all the way back to the beginning and cover the basics of variables, classes, etc. or we can move on to some of the more advanced techniques such as delegates, lambda expressions, etc. Depends on what you want.

Project development stuff. The project is coming along quite nicely, the core group of "graduates" is doing quite well simulating all of the various parts and pieces that go into the making of a software project.

At this point, we have our Stake Holders' "Statement of Needs", which we have translated into a "Statement of Wants", decided where the project is going to fit in with the Stake Holder's original notions (we are expanding the concept a bit to cover a few items that are not on the original list for the sake of completeness) and we are now moving forward into the realm of gathering true requirements (these are the technical requirements, different from the business requirements (the Statement of Need as I call it) in order to break the system into tasks that can be spec'd out and assigned in Sprints (should the group decide to invoke "Agile" this go 'round, which I think they will).

OK, now the bad news. Our sponsors have hit a bad spot in their cash flow and have needed to pull back on their support. Derive has left us (and the .NET world in general) entirely (which is a Real Bummer because Sharon was a real solid supporter and her participation will be sorely missed - I hope that she and her team can come back).

So...we need to come up with a new way of feeding ourselves (if desired). My thought is for everyone to get together online about a week before the meeting, decide on what we want and then use either the "Chip In" button (which extracts a hit of about 10% for its use) or some other means for me to gather the funds and then I'll stop on the way and pick up the desired meals. If someone has a better/different idea, please voice it.