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South East Valley .NET Newbies
South East Valley .NET Newbies
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OK, the call has gone out, we are looking for input on the next topic set.

...and that call has been answered!

For the next meetup, due to popular request, the meetup will now reset and start the basic C# introduction again. The January meetup will consist of an introduction to the language syntax, perhaps a little history and a few questions you as a newbie should ask yourself before you begin this journey.

For this meetup, please have the following installed on the laptop that you'll be bringing to the sessions:

• - Visual Studio 2015 (any flavor)

• Telerik's Fiddler

While I enjoy working with my regular group attendees, they have progressed beyond the basics and are now delving into intermediate topics of development (things like DDD, distributed systems, etc.) and this group isn't about that, it's about newbies and how to move them beyond newbie-hood.

So...for the graduate group, this posting is about how we will be moving forward on the identification and definition of the DDD bounded contexts for the internal software project the graduates are working on.

What about new members? What about the 200+ that are members of the group but are truly the "silent majority"? What can this group do do bring you in and participate? What subjects can we present that will pique your interest?

As I get answers to that question, this posting for the next meetup will be modified accordingly.