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SEWLS is Wisconsin's premier lockpicking group. We are a group of individuals who are interested in physical security, how locks function, how to defeat them and learning new techniques for opening difficult locks.

All skill levels are welcome, especially newcomers. Our meetings are a casual mix of everything from basic introductory lockpicking to advanced topics, such as electronic access control, high security locks and combination/safe manipulation.

The term 'locksport' was coined for the growing sport and hobby of lockpicking, and as a locksport club our goal is to provide a safe and responsible atmosphere for hobbyist lockpickers to share knowledge and experience while practicing their skills.

We abide by the laws set down in each State and we have our own code of ethics we adhere to. They're all common sense rules that you should always practice. Our goal is to help the community, not damage it.

1. You should never pick/bypass locks that you don't own.
2. You should never pick/bypass locks that you don't have the owners explicit and written permission to pick.
3. You should never pick/bypass locks that are in use and/or relied upon.

Destructive and forcible defeat techniques will not be covered.

A membership fee is not required. If you wish to support the organization, please feel free to make a kind monetary or material donation. Sponsorships are welcome, sales pitches are not. All are welcome to come, learn and have fun!

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