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Sewing & Swapping at the South Bank

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To coincide with the season for spring cleaning, this will be a normal sewing group meeting combined with an optional craft materials swap. If you have any pieces of fabric or other craft materials (embroidery threads, beads, patterns, buttons etc.) you haven't got round to using and no longer want hanging around, why not bring it along to be swapped for something else. It could end up as someone else's next project, and you in turn may pick up something that inspires you. Don't worry if you haven't got any items you no longer want, just come along for a chat, and if you fancy, bring your creations/works in progress to show the rest of us or work on during the evening. If you'd rather sell an unwanted item than swap it, that's fine too; just work out a price & make sure you keep it separate from the swapping items. It would be great to see what people are bringing with them in the comments section of the meetup.

Typically the swap works on a relay system, i.e. one person (perhaps the person who has brought the most swap items) chooses another person's item that they would like and then that person has the next opportunity to choose an item belonging to anyone in the group who then gets to pick something and so on, so you don't need to swap only with someone who wants one of your items.

This Meetup is in the Royal Festival Hall. I've met here a few times with the group and it has been quite a popular location, so I hope to see plenty of you for a nice evening catching up with other crafty people. It is never possible to guarantee exactly where we can sit but I usually aim to sit somewhere near the river side of the hall, so try looking there first when you arrive.

Although the meetup is scheduled to start at six to suit any members who finish work early, it's fine to turn up whenever you wish. I work until 6 so I probably won't be there from the start but other members do arrive earlier. We'll start the swapping around 7pm, so you've got a chance to get there if you are interested in the swapping part. If you get there early, perhaps put something crafty on the table so other members can recognise you or you could even print out a table top sign ( to make it easy to spot you! If you are new and worried you'll not spot the group or feeling a bit uncertain about coming, just send me an email and I'll answer any questions or make sure someone looks out for you.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!