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San Diego’s fun and exciting place for Real Talk about Sex and Love.

We are here for those who desire a safe place to open up, share, and ask questions without judgment or shame while having fun learning the depths of pleasure, relationships, and sexuality.

If it’s on your mind…we want to know about it.

We welcome both the experienced and the new into the world of love, sex, intimacy, and everything in between – there’s always something to learn, get clarity on, go deeper with, and explore. We take out the guesswork and trial & error, so you can be at ease with relationships and intimacy.

Our goal is to provide you with information and experiences that take you on a journey of what is possible and what it means to live a turned on life, in and outside the bedroom!

*Singles, Couples, Divorced, Widowed, Virgins – ALL WELCOME - and we also welcome all gender identities because ultimately, its really only about love!!!

We are looking forward to sharing with you in the space of love, fun, pleasure, and excitement at our events!

In Love,
Dr. Heike and Jonathan

You can read more about Dr. Heike and Jonathan Hudson, their Pleasure on Purpose Healing System and their coaching for men, women and couples at (

Dr. Heike and Jonathan Hudson have committed their lives to creating a new paradigm of relationships and sexuality. This couple is passionate about throwing outdated concepts overboard and create new working systems. They are striving to be a living example of what a deep loving and conscious relationship can look like. Heike and Jonathan's passion is to guide and educate men and women in releasing anything that is in the way of experiencing the closeness and depth we all desire in relationships. What they have named, “Sextraordinary Living”, is the modern and healthy blueprint to live a truly turned on life, in and outside the bedroom, without the past experience of pain or drama.

As San Diego’s preeminent sex educators and somatic sexual healers, Dr. Heike and Jonathon are the creators of Sex and Love Unplugged Meetup, and The Pleasure on Purpose™ Healing System used in their signature programs for men and women.

Together, they have created a master blend of spirituality and sexuality that they teach and embody in their own lives. With over 25 years of combined expertise in Human Sexuality, Somatic Bodywork, Naturopathy, Spiritual Counseling, Energy Healing, Explosive Sexual Healing, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, clients from around the world experience extraordinary shifts in their relationships, sex and love lives, businesses, and health.

Heike and Jonathan promise that you CAN be fully sexually expressed, have deep connection and authentic communication, and finally find true lasting love without ever attracting the wrong partner again, or feeling sexually frustrated and pleasure deprived.

Together they create Sextraordinary Lives and Relationships!

You can read more about Dr. Heike and Jonathan Hudson, their Pleasure on Purpose Healing System and their coaching for men, women and couples at (

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