How do I troubleshoot my app with distributed tracing?


1) Bahubali (Bill) Shetti @shetti - Director of Developer Advocacy for VMware Cloud Services
2) Sushant Dewan @sushantdewan Engineering Manager on Wavefront by VMware

5:30 pm - 6:00 pm - Guest check-in and networking (drinks & appetizers)
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm - Presentation w/Demo
7:00 pm - 7:30 pm - More Networking


There are many options for tracing, and various different architectures to implement. Understanding how to interpret and use the tracing data to optimize the application is not well understood by many. In this meetup we will show how to:

-Get a full end to end view of your application (service graphs)
-Troubleshoot an end to end trace for a specific user on the app
-Analyze tracing with metrics (such as request rates, error rates, and duration metrics)
-Understand how to analyze errors in the app shown in tracing output

For a polygot based application running on Azure. We’ll use a standard off the shelf tracing tool (Wavefront) and show how to achieve this.

About the speakers:

1) Bahubali (Bill) Shetti @shetti - Director of Public Cloud Solutions for VMware Cloud Services . Bahubali leads a team of Cloud Architects evangelizing and developing solutions for improving public cloud operations (AWS/Azure/GCP). Bahubali was part of the initial team that developed and launched VMware Cloud Services. Previous to VMware, was various Cloud Startups. More at

2) Sushant Dewan @sushantdewan is an Engineering Manager and is leading the Observability Platform team at Wavefront by VMware. His team is chartered to build a true Observability Platform comprised of metrics, histograms and distributed tracing for the microservices architecture. Before joining Wavefront, he has worked on several challenging software problems at VMware, McAfee, Dell-EMC, and Accenture.