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The Admiral: Roaring Currents (Kim Han-Min, South Korea, 2014)

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8/12 Update: Showtime and meetup instructions updated

Note: Showtime is 7:35 PM. Running time is 127 minutes. Tickets are available online here ( (Adult: $11.75, Senior: $9 and Child: $8.75). This show is likely to sell out so reserving your ticket online as early as possible is strongly encouraged. I will stand by outside the concessions stand on the 2nd floor of the theater starting from 7PM onwards. I will carry a clipboard with me, but in case you need to find me or the group, you can contact me at (408) 688-4748.

Folks, it doesn’t get any better than this for a Korean event film. It has been over 15 years since the modern korean film industry rose to international prominence but it has taken them this long to finally make a film about the most famous battle in their history. The Battle of Myeongnyang, the korean history equivalent of Battle of Thermopylae (made famous by 300) and Battle of The Alamo, is legendary for the feat of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin in defeating an invading Japanese fleet of over 300 ships with only 13 ships. There have been many local adaptations of this story, but never before on this blockbuster scale. This latest incarnation is a historical naval war epic directed by Kim Han-Min, whose previous 2011 war epic War of The Arrows was the highest grossing korean film that year. Playing the role of Admiral Yi, whose victory in this battle cemented his place among the greatest naval commanders in history alongside the likes of Admiral Nelson, is none other than Choi Min-Sik (Oldboy). This film, not surprisingly, has broken domestic box office records since it opened on July 30.


In the year 1597, after the disastrous Battle of Chilchonryang left the Joseon Dynasty in the brink of defeat, their last hope lies in the hand of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin, who with only 13 ships available, must make a last stand battle to defend the dynasty from an invading Japanese force of 330 ships.


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