HTC on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and OpenGL ES 3.0

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For our May meetup, we are stoked that a trio of dev gurus from HTC ( made time in their busy (Google I/O ( schedule to come and present at our group.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) ( on Android has arrived. Dario Laverde will provide an overview of the BLE specification and take us through HTC's APIs and hands-on demos with various devices, heart rate monitors, key finders, and multi-sensor kits (temperature, pressure, humidity, accelerometer). You'll walk away ready with the code to kick start your BLE ideas.

Next, Lance Nanek will tell us about Open GL ES 3.0 (, the new pipeline, updated shading language, enhanced texturing.... but more importantly, blow us away with some amazing demos!

Finally, Dario and Lance will be joined by David Wu and the three of them will answer your questions.

We'll wrap up with giveaways!

As always, the venue, food, and drinks will be provided by our sponsors.

About Dario Laverde
Dario is a Developer Evangelist at HTC. He has experience in software development for mobile, embedded, Web and enterprise. Among his various professional roles, he has worked as an Android Instructor, consultant, Java architect, author and entrepreneur. Dario leads the NYCJava JUG, and co-organizes both the NYC-GTUG and the New York Android Developers Meetup. He also cofounded the skylight1 open-source Android project.

About Lance Nanek
Lance Nanek is a Developer Evangelist at HTC. He has ten years of experience in information technology: implementing web metrics for at IBM, writing Java web applications at State University of New York System Administration, and working on Android apps for many companies, including CardioTrainer by WorkSmart Labs with over three million downloads. He has a master's degree in Computer Science from State University of New York University at Albany.

About David Wu
David is a principal software engineer at HTC. He works on the social network team for HTC Sense, responsible for adding “social touches” to the overall user experience. He is one of the core developers behind HTC Friend Stream. In his free time he is also an active participant in the free software community in Taiwan. He is a regular at both the Taipei Open Source Software User Group and Hacking Thursday.