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Edwardian Ball crew meetup on Sat, Jan 27
The Captain of the SV cutter Cetacea (latin, marine mammal), a beautiful, strong, custom and well-appointed 42' blue-water "fast-cruiser", invites women to join an experienced captain and platonic-only watersports enthusiast and science/ technology entrepreneur, for a non-hosted Edwardian Ball event at the Regency Ballroom for an evening of International SteamPunk and Victorian futurist era costume fun!!!! This is my fourth ball, and I'll make a great escort through the labyrinthine venue that offers more events than we'll have time to attend! Join us for an hour, or all night! Photo album from our 2017 event, with 7 meetup crew, can be seen here: It's one of the West Coast's most spectacular exotic events of the year, our Venetian Ball equivalent, and now replicated in LA and New Orleans!!! It's not so much a dance as a Victorian-era Venetian-style Alice-in-Wonderland party with 1800's costumes and exotic exhibitions scattered over 3 floors and a dozen temp and permanent rooms,,, a SF creation! You'll remember this for the rest of your life as we peruse the spectacular musical shows, short plays, acrobatic feats, bizarre Victorian-era exhibits, basement bazaar shopping mall, a few minutes of demonstration dancing by Victorian troupes, and exotic and custom costumers that have made this an international event for ~1000 international revelers the past 16 years, evolving from an underground club event into a worldwide Fantasy Ball! Check it out here: Buy your own Saturday general admission ball ticket(s) and join us for an evening of merry-making! We'll meet in the Holiday Inn lobby, just 3 blocks up Van Ness from the Regency, at 7:15 pm, and then join the line as a group. Park in any of the nearby parking lots (Holiday Inn usually has parking until 6:30 pm), or uber from another nearby garage or street parking. I recommend checking out my 2017 Edwardian Ball event report here where 7 sailors attended: And yes, your costumes can be reused for Cetacea's frequent costume sailing events, as seen last summer and in the photos in these 2 photo albums: and this SteamPunk sail:

Golden Gateway Inn by Holiday Inn, San Francisco

1500 Van Ness Ave. · San Francisco, CA


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It's easy to make sailing friends here! We are the original sailing Meetup group in the Bay Area, and the largest and most active. We try to offer inexpensive sailing opportunities for everyone. All of our events are free, unlike other groups, which exist to charge people to sail. The only time we charge people is when the event is a charter-share and everyone "chips in" on the cost to charter the boat. We don't believe in using the Meetup platform to run a business.

You don't have to know how to sail to be part of the group. People with boats usually always welcome guests aboard to help pull ropes and turn cranks and pass out beer. That is called "crewing".

The purpose of this meetup group is to promote and share the passions of sailing. Anyone interested in sailing may join. The variety of scheduled events can help build up your sailing social circle, which is one of the keys to more sailing. Educational, social, and actual sailing events will be fun and allow members to meet each other.

Here is a great little example of some fast sailing and what one of our events is like: Click here (

Hopefully we can introduce some passion-sailors to racing. It's a good way to sail more and really learn how to sail well. And it's a great excuse to go sailing on the race days, of which there are quite a lot in SF Bay. And, don't forget practice sessions, too. Crewing for race boats is the best way to get a lot of fun, inexpensive, thrilling sailing with a dedicated crew.

Please note that members with 3 "No Show"s to events will be removed from the group.

If you no-show to an actual sailing event, or prevent others from sailing if you change your RSVP to no within 48 hours of a sailing event, you could be removed from the group..

Please update your RSVP in time so the boat owners and captains can plan accordingly. This is a little courtesy to your fellow meetup members to make planning easier and not waste limited seats on a boat.

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