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Aquarium of the Bay outing

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We want to spend some time getting friendly with the ocean -- particularly the big baddies like sharks! And what better way to cozy up than to watch them get hand-fed by others of our species?

The meeting time of 2:30pm will be at the lobby. By 3pm you'll find us over by "the tube" where they'll be feeding the sharks! It only happens once or twice a week, and only on weekday afternoons.

This is a kid-friendly, family-friendly Seasteading social. If you've ever wanted to bring some kids out to banter about what it would be like to live out in the ocean, this would be a good one. (And if your kids don't get out of school until 3pm or later, feel free to come late.)

One more bonus -- it's an Alameda County Free Day at the aquarium. So Berkeleyites, Emeryvillains, Alamedonians, and the Oaklandish all get in free.

We'll probably disperse a bit as we wander about. The Aquarium closes at 6pm (again, feel free to come late!), so let's convene afterwards at the lovely nearby Cafe Capriccio (, where we'll be from 6:10 to 7pm. And if you're hungry before then, you can check out Crab Shack #2 which is really close to the aquarium.

There may be a group discount available if we get 10 or more people, so please RSVP!

You can also get $2 off an adult ticket by printing the coupon off this page (

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