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Learn to Code / Work on Your Project (Self Study)
"Some people dream of success; others work hard at it." [Cross-posted from Code Self Study ( -- a local programming club that meets three times per week in Berkeley. The full RSVP list is on the other page.] Join us for a self-directed programming session in Berkeley, every Wednesday at 10 AM. We also meet on Saturdays (see the Code Self Study group ( for Saturday events). Spend the morning writing code for your crowdfunding project and meet other creative tech-savvy entrepreneurs. All levels of programming experience are welcome. If you're a beginner, we can help you get started on learning how to code. Full description below. ------------------------------------------------------------ Come join us for an open programming session at the Berkeley Library, South Branch, in their Community Room. The library is close to Ashby BART station. Tables, chairs, projector, and Wi-Fi included. This meetup will be a self-directed programming session without a fixed plan or leader. Just bring whatever tutorials, books, courses, or projects that you're working on. You can meet people, find a partner for pair programming, talk about technology, or just work on a project or tutorial. All levels are welcome. (Sometimes the meetings are quiet and sometimes there is talking. If you are depending on silence, you might want to bring headphones or earplugs.) Chatroom: [attend a couple of meetups to get access] Forum: Wiki: Facebook: Twitter: (

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What we're about

This group is for anyone who is interested in using Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or another crowdfunding platform to launch a project. This group acts as a support network for members where they can connect and collaborate with like-minded people. Additionally, we explore the crowdfunding industry by hosting talks and workshops with the intent of creating a rich framework for members of the group.

"Some people dream about success; others work hard at it."

If you would like to help organize events or present on crowdfunding topics, send me an email: .

We've successfully launched our first Kickstarter ( in 2016 and will share tips at one of our upcoming meetings.

Technical Focus:
We're especially interested in reaching technical entrepreneurs who want to improve their skills. If you're interested in programming, also join our main Code Self Study ( group. It's open to programmers of all levels, from complete beginners to professional programmers. The common theme is that we are entrepreneurs who will put in whatever levels of work and technical study that are required to achieve success. This group is part of the Code Self Study network.

For information about our rapidly expanding network of 3,000 local programmers and entrepreneurs, see our portal page ( You can also stay updated about our online meetups by signing up here (


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