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This House Supports the Right to Public Nudity in San Francisco

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NOTE:We need a speaker for the Motion and a Moderator. Please email the Event Host, Roy Ferreira if you are interested. Note: non-members of the CommonWealth Club are charged a $5 entrance.

San Francisco has long prided itself as being the bastion of counter-culture, the ultimate expression of all things “weird” in America, the one safe haven for the marginalized and misunderstood. The moniker “only in San Francisco”, the poster child of all that is wrong in America according to many conservatives and evangelicals, is worn proudly as a badge of honor by residents of City by the Bay.

So shocking then for some when the Board of Supervisors recently approved, by the slimmest of margins, a City-wide ban on public nudity, with exceptions for special events and certain parades. Perhaps more shocking still was the main proponents of the ban, the City’s establishment gay population. The community, once singled-out as deviants and miscreants themselves, now seemed to be the ones leveling the accusations. Liberals and Conservatives alike are left scratching their heads in disbelief.

Then again, maybe the gay community is simply proving a point: that its sensibilities are not that different from straight people. Public nudity, once an occasional indulgence and largely confined to specific events and cordoned-off areas has now become a chronic nuisance in certain areas, according to proponents of the ban. Regardless of its reputation, the City has to enforce minimal standards of decency, a sentiment shared by parents of all strips. Not to mention that some people just should not be seen naked, period.

So what gives? Is this new law a slippery slope to the mainstreaming of San Francisco and its gay community, soon to become indistinguishable from any other city in America? Or are we merely enunciating the fact that we’re a living City populated with real people with minimum standards and not just a bunch of weirdos. We’ll continue proudly as the bain of right-wing conservatives everywhere, just as before.

What do you think? Join us at the next SFDebate where we’ll conduct a clothed debate of this law and its impact on San Francisco.