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ECMAScript 6 with Kit Cambridge

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About the Talk

The upcoming sixth edition of ECMAScript—the standard that governs the JavaScript programming language—includes a bevy of syntactic improvements. In contrast to the 5th edition, which tightened internal semantics and introduced conservative API changes, ECMAScript 6 adds long-anticipated conveniences while remaining backward-compatible with existing code. New data structures and types—along with modules, core language refinements, and a smarter shorthand syntax—address many pain points in the current incarnation of the language. Whether you build applications, libraries, or tools, there's a feature in ES 6 for you.

This talk will emphasize core refinements: object literal and arrow function shorthands, destructuring assignment, variadic function helpers, Unicode and binary data support, collections, and template strings. Kit will also cover using proxies and generators to build composable libraries, and show you how you can use ECMAScript 6 features in your code today.

About the Speaker

Kit Cambridge (@kitcambridge) is a programmer at Black Pearl Systems who discovered JavaScript and the open web in 2009. His passion is delivering consistent experiences for users and developers, with an emphasis on cross-browser support, standards, and specification precedents. To that end, he is a former FuseJS core developer, a contributor to Lo-Dash, and a member of the BestieJS cooperative. Last year, Kit was one of four developers involved in the JSFixed effort to encourage broader community involvement in the development of ES 6.


6:00p Doors open -- mingle and enjoy a special Belgian ale tasting and great Middle Eastern appetizers *

7:00p Welcome notes and Introduction

7:10p Kit's Talk and Q&A

8:10/15p Prize giveaways and lightning talks **

* Belgian ale and appetizers provided by Healthy Spirits.

** If you are interested in doing a lightning talk, send the organizers your proposal. You must be at the venue to qualify for prizes.

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