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Get MEAN! with Ward Bell, Alicia Liu, and Matt Green

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Everybody’s talking about the MEAN stack: MongoDb + Express + Angular.js + Node.js.

Our three panelists – Alicia Liu, Matt Green, and Ward Bell – will begin with a technical orientation to MEAN and then put you in the front seat as they inject an island of MEAN richness into a traditional web page. The evening consists of three 30 minute, talk-and-code session by our panelists resulting in a MEAN sample app built before your eyes. The magic show will be followed by a “Question and Answer” period.

Talk #1: Orientation with Ward Bell

Ward Bell takes us on an opinionated tour of the MEAN stack, covering each technology’s role and specific contribution to an end-to-end web application. Next he’ll demonstrate this evening’s sample application and explain the back story. Then he’ll stand up a Node/Express server from scratch and build the initial API for that app … before handing off to Alicia to flesh out the front-end.

About Ward Bell

Ward Bell (@wardbell ( is a founder and VP of Technology at IdeaBlade (, a professional services and product company behind the open source BreezeJS ( JavaScript library for managing data in Single Page Applications (SPAs). Ward is frequents speaker, PluralSight author, and Microsoft MVP.

Talk #2: Just One More Feature... Adjusting to Changing Tides with MongoDB with Matt Green

Tired of migrating tables every time a feature needs to be added? Have you been told your "big data" just isn't big enough and now you need to add columns to store more information? Let Matt Green show you how MongoDB can help! In this talk, we'll walk through the basics of Mongo by coding up some queries to support a front-end feature. Then, we'll see how easy it is to adjust our model as the complexity of the feature increases.

About Matt Green

Matt Green (@IAmMattGreen (, +MattGreen9 ( is a current co-founder of ( and an initial developer of the hybrid mobile app Songhop. In his free time, he enjoys learning about cutting edge technologies and adjusting his keyboard to the optimal ergonomic position.

Talk #3: Sneaking Angular into an Existing App with Alicia Liu

You’ve heard what a wonderful JavaScript framework Angular is for creating rich dynamic Single Page Apps (SPA), but you have an existing web app that’s not a SPA at all. Have no fear, Alicia Liu walks through an example of how to introduce Angular gradually into an existing app. We will go from using Angular basics to add dynamic functionality to an existing page, to wrapping that functionality up into reusable components — directives! We’ll see how to talk to the Node/Express server with Angular’s AJAX facilities. Then Alicia turns it over to Matt to build out the backend data service.

About Alicia Liu

Alicia Liu (@aliciatweet ( is a web and mobile developer, who has been building cross-browser websites and apps since IE5.5. Alicia has been a two-time founder, and is currently a full-stack web engineer at Lift (, working on helping people be healthier, happier, and more productive.

Q & A

Now that you’ve learned a bit about MEAN and seen an application take shape, surely you’ll have plenty of questions for our panelists.


5:30p Doors Open

5:30-6:30p Food (veggie/meat sandwiches, salads) and Belgian ale tasting (courtesy of Healthy Spirits (

6:30p Introductions

6:40p Orientation with Ward Bell

7:10p Just One More Feature... Adjusting to Changing Tides with MongoDB with Matt Green

7:40-8:00p Break

8:00p Sneaking Angular into an Existing App with Alicia Liu

8:30-35p Lightning Talks *

8:35-50p Q&A

8:50 Raffle Prizes **

9p Doors Close

* If you are interested in doing a lightning talk, send the organizers your proposal.

** You must be at the venue to qualify for prizes.

This event will be recorded. We will post the recording as soon as it is available, typically within about a week after the event. Follow @sfhtml5 ( or visit this page for the announcement.