Emojis, Art & Web APIs with Monica Dinculescu and Zeno Rocha

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Talk #1—Emoji, Web Components, and Art with Monica Dinculescu

Making art on the web is easy, if you got the right tools. HTML has styled divs. JavaScript has canvas. I have an emoji keyboard. But what if our tools were better, and making art was easier? What if there was a magical widget that transformed any word into emoji? Or an image into pixels, that you can then style with CSS? What if it was easy to build these tools, and give them out to people, so that they can make art? Spoilers: it is, and I'm going to tell you about it.

Speaker: Monica Dinculescu

Monica (@notwaldorf (https://twitter.com/notwaldorf)) works on the Polymer Elements team at Google, making pretty and accessible widgets for everyone to use. Before this, she worked on Chrome for two years, so she's pretty sure she has at least once broken the Internet for you. She will probably eat all of your Oreos, if you have any.

Talk #2—Web APIs you [probably] didn’t know existed...

You’ve probably heard about the amazing things that HTML5 can do. Maybe you already saved some data using Local Storage, fetched user coordinates using Geolocation, or even drew graphs and other objects using Canvas. But did you know there are many more new JavaScript APIs in the Web Platform? In this talk, we’ll see how to leverage the power of those APIs in order to create better experiences for your users.

About Zeno Rocha

Zeno (@zenorocha (https://twitter.com/zenorocha)) works as a Developer Advocate at Liferay, inc. He dedicates a lot of his time traveling to show how awesome HTML5 is, contributing to dozens of open source projects, and creating tools to help developers build great applications. Besides that, he's a member of the Google Developers Expert program and the #76 most active contributor on Github.

Event details

Note: Price: $10 online, $15 at the door. No refunds. No ticket transfers.

We charge this small fee to help reduce no-shows. Please contact the organizers (sfhtml5 at gmail dot com) if this is a financial hardship for you.


5:00 PM Doors open, eat and drink (food and drinks catered by Google; limited veg/GF options available; special cocktail by Alcademics; wine tasting by Grant Marie Winery, and live DJ Rocky Lubbers (SmokeJumper).

Note: The event is on the 7th floor.

6:30-6:40 PM Announcements

6:40-7:20 PM Emoji, web components and art with Monica Dinculescu

7:20-7:50 PM Break

7:50-7:52 PM Lightning Talk: Developing Typescript at Visual Studio Code with Doris Chen (Microsoft) *

7:52-7:54 PM Nitrous PubStorm

7:54:7:56 PM Isagenix with Nikolay Shpurik

8:00-8:30 PM Web APIs you [probably] didn’t know existed with Zeno Rocha

8:30-8:45 PM Q&A with Monica and Zeno

8:45 PM Raffle!**

8:45-9:30 PM More networking

9:30 PM Room cleared

* Contact the Organizers if you'd like to give a lightning talk.

** You must be present at the venue to qualify for raffle prizes.


* There is bicycle parking in the garage below the building, but you must bring your own lock and leave your bicycle at your own risk.
* There is also street and garage parking. Check all signs for restrictions and fees.
* Smile! We are recording and photographing this event. If you do not wish to be included in SFHTML5 video or audio recordings or photographs, you can watch the recordings of all of our events at http://bit.ly/sfhtml5videos from the comfort of your home.

Cocktails by Alcademics

Wine Tasting by Grant and Marie Winery

Live DJ Rocky Lubbers (Smoke Jumper)

This event is also sponsored by:

Nitrous PubStorm

Isagenix (Independent Associate, Nikolay Shpurik)