• Imagecon 2020

    Hotel Fairmont San Francisco

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: #################################### As a result of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the rapidly changing global situation, we have made the difficult yet important decision to postpone ImageCon 2020, scheduled for the week of April 20th. We are taking these necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers, prospects, and partners. Over the coming weeks, we will explore how we can work with our amazing community and growing network of developers, designers and digital marketers to bring aspects of ImageCon 2020 to life. To stay up to date, sign up for notifications on ImageCon.com #################################### The time is fast approaching for Cloudinary to host the fourth annual ImageCon conference on April 22-23 in San Francisco at the historic Fairmont Hotel, which offers attractive special rates for attendees. Don't miss it! Sign up at https://www.imagecon.com and use promo code SFHTML5 to get $100 off your ticket price. Companies are constantly looking for new ways to engage with customers. From 3D imagery to interactive videos, today’s Visual Web offers endless opportunities to do that. But what’s in store for 2020 and beyond? At this year's ImageCon, you'll learn the latest innovative approaches for media management, familiarize yourself with best practices in which to efficiently manage image, video, and other rich media projects, and interact with developers, marketers, and creative professionals from around the world. Specifically, you will... Learn the best ways in which to work with rich media and succeed in digital asset management (DAM). Network with your peers while participating in two days of enlightening sessions. Discover new and useful Cloudinary capabilities. This year, we’re excited to host talks by speakers from all over the world, including leading eCommerce, media, and other brands, who will share lessons learned from weaving rich media into their daily business workflows. And note: the keynote speaker will be Actress and TV Host, Lilly Singh. And there will be talks from large brands like Verizon media, Apartment therapy, Jane.com, and Disney. Please register at https://www.imagecon.com (RSVPing on this meetup does not secure a ticket). Meetup members: use Promo code: SFHTML5 for a discount of $100/ticket.

  • AI & ML Online Developer Summit

    Online event

    Join IBM Developer for the very first online AI and ML Summit. The AI and ML Summit is an exciting half day of talks, workshop and virtual networking with speakers from Twilio, Weights and Biases, IBM and others. While we are not able to provide real food, we will be giving out virtual 🍕s! Free and open to all - come and learn about AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, how to leverage AI in the enterprise, and what is the future of AI. Bring your questions and curiosity for learning. 🎟 Register on Crowdcast: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/aiml-online-developer-summit 🗓 Schedule 🎈8:45am - Welcome 🌟 9:00am - Improve Communication Apps with Machine Learning! - Lizzie Siegle (Twilio) 🌟 9:20am - Explainability in neural networks - Lavanya Shukla (Weights & Biases) 🌟 9:40am - Hands-on workshop 🌟 10:10am - Testing Machine Learning Models in Production - Eric Schles 🌟 10:30 - Predict the Future with Watson Studio AutoAI - Jenna Ritten (IBM) 🌟 10:50 - Realtime Object Detection in the Browser with TensorFlow.js - Nicholas Bourdakos (IBM) Learn more about speakers and full talk descriptions: https://aiml-developer-summit-online.splashthat.com 🎟 Register on Crowdcast: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/aiml-online-developer-summit

  • #PerfMatters Conference 2020 (Online Only)

    Cañada College

    Note: this event is now fully online, with more speakers and an online conference party. #PerfMatters Conference is the web performance conference taking place on March 31 & April 1, in Redwood City, California with talks by internationally-renowned performance developers. The focus is on front-end web performance. * Speed that lasts - creating a performance culture in a team, Ewa Gasperowicz * When JavaScript Bytes, Tim Kadlec * FMP, TTI, WTF? Making Sense of Web Performance, Ire Aderinokun * Why we can’t have nice things, Yoav Weiss * Creating Performant Virtual Reality Experiences for the Web, Erica Stanley * Building for Budgets, Aaron Turner * Improving Walmart.com's Cart & Checkout speed by 50% without cutting down on features, Vasanth Krishnamoorthy * Betting on boring: Getting ahead with oldskool tech, Phil Hawksworth * The art of predictive prefetch, Divya Tagtachian * Javascript Performance in Extreme Environments, Taylor Fairbank * Responsive Images for the Web, Sia Karamalegos * Understanding Cumulative Layout Shift, Annie Sullivan * Observability for Web Perf, Emily Nakashima * Getting Out Of Users' Way: Less Jank With Web Workers, Trent Willis * Shipping a performance API on Chromium, Nicolás Peña Moreno * Don’t let GDPR hurt performance, Thomas Corthouts Also, Tim Kadlec will be leading a pre-conference workshop "Getting Up to Speed with Performance" to get attendees started with web performance. If that sells out (which it almost has), Katie Sylor-Miller will be teaching a second workshop on the exact same topic. Register at https://perfmattersconf.com. Use code "SFHTML5" to get $50 off registration!

  • Standardizing <select>: What the future holds for HTML Controls

    Google San Francisco

    For our February event, Stephanie Stimac will join us to talk about what the future holds for HTML Controls. Talk details: Thought HTML was done? Think again! Those who work on the web platform are ready to extend HTML controls with not only updated native web styles, so that we're no longer stuck in the Windows 95 era of design, but we're also starting to look at new HTML controls to help solve some of the problems developers encounter when trying to extend the current controls to fit their needs. We're also taking a step back to re-examine what the key pain points for developers are when it comes to controls. Our first stop? The select element. I'll discuss the current state of styling the select element, the developer feedback we've received that's indicated this is a problem space we need to fix, what the future looks like for improving (dare I say standardizing?) and how developers and designers can get involved to help drive the future of these components forward. About the speaker: Stephanie Stimac (@seaotta) is a Program Manager for Developer Experiences on Microsoft Edge who comes from a background in web and user interface design as well as front-end development. She's worked on developer tooling in the browser as well as the open source project, webhint.io and is currently responsible for Edge developer engagement through the Web We Want initiative. Before Microsoft, she worked in an agency crafting digital experiences for a range of large clients like Honeywell, Microsoft Military Affairs, Microsoft Windows and T-Mobile. She has a passion for the open web and helping to drive the future of it forward. Schedule: * 5:00 PM—Doors open * 6:00-6:15 PM—Announcements <-- Note the new start time! * 6:15-7:15 PM—Talk and Q&A Notes: * Online registration for this event closes *72 hours* before the start of the event (new building rules). * On-site registration (for registered attendees) closes at 7:00 PM.* For security reasons, unregistered guests and "+1s" are *not* allowed. * Every attendee must be a member of SFHTML5 (on Meetup) and register for the event (RSVP Yes) 72 hours before the event to enter the event; no exceptions. * Yes, this event will be recorded and posted on the SFHTML5 YouTube channel.

  • Moving Pictures: A Snapshot At the Future of Web Media with Henri Helvetica

    Join us for the first SFHTML5 event of 2020, with guest speaker Henri Helvetica all the way from Toronto! Talk Abstract: On a cold February night, NCSA Mosaic browser engineers would propose the addition of a new HTML tag: IMG. It was believed that adding images to the web would promote experimentation, and push the web forward. Indeed forward the web went. We now have a mélange of media coming down the wire and at an increasingly higher rate every year. All this rich data has made for challenging performance, and engineers have been feverishly researching solutions around greater media compression . ‘Moving Pictures’ explores the ways we are tackling this problem, through current research around (you guessed it) new open source image and video formats used in present day, and planned for future use. About the speaker Henri is a freelance developer who has turned his interests to a passionate mix of site performance engineering and pinches of user experience. When not reading the deluge of daily research docs and case studies, or auditing sites in devtools, Henri can be found contributing back to the community: Toronto Web Performance Group meetup + JAMstack TORONTO organizer + SPOTLIGHT: PERFORMANCE co-organizer, curating conference content or volunteering his time for lunch and learns at various bootcamps. Additionally, you can find him frequenting conferences, and touching base w/ the community - all with a radiant smile. Otherwise, Henri is focusing on running the fastest 5k possible (surprise surprise). Schedule: 5:00 PM—Doors open 6:30-6:45 PM—Announcements 6:45-7:45 PM—Talk by Henri, followed by Q&A Notes: * Online registration for this event closes 72 hours before the start of the event (new building rules, sorry). * On-site registration (for registered attendees) closes at 7:00 PM. * For security reasons, unregistered guests and +1s are *not* allowed. Every attendee must be a member of SFHTML5 (on Meetup) and register for the event (RSVP Yes) 72 hours before the event to enter the event; no exceptions. * And, yes, this event will be recorded and posted on the SFHTML5 YouTube channel.

  • Kubernetes and OpenShift Developer Education Summit

    Galvanize - San Francisco

    Join IBM Developer for the very first Kubernetes and OpenShift Developer Education Summit. A full-day of hands-on training where you will learn about Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift. Schedule 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM Registration & Breakfast 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Workshop 1 Containers with Docker - Setting Up Your Environment 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Workshop 2 Kubernetes with OpenShift Hands-on Introduction - Using Minishift on Your Machine 12:30 PM -1:15 PM Lunch 1:15 PM - 2:45 PM Workshop 3 301 Deploying Java Microservices to OpenShift on IBM Cloud 2:45 PM - 3:00 PM Coffee break 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM Let’s Get Ready to Rumble - Kubernetes Vs. OpenShift 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM Happy hour Workshop Descriptions Workshop 1: Containers with Docker - Setting Up Your Environment In this workshop you will build, ship and containerize a simple application from scratch that calls IBM Watson service. You will learn: Building, shipping, and running your containerized app with the Docker Workshop 2: Kubernetes with OpenShift Hands-on Introduction - Using Minishift on Your Machine In this workshop you'll learn how to install a local OpenShift environment on your machine using MiniShift, as well as the basics on deploying and managing applications. You will learn: - Installing MiniShift - Creating OpenShift projects - Creating OpenShift ApplicationsManaging OpenShift Applications Workshop 3: 301 Deploying Java Microservices to OpenShift on IBM Cloud** In this workshop you'll learn how to build a microservice with Java and deploy it to OpenShift on the IBM Cloud. You will learn: - Running OpenShift on IBM Cloud - Deploying to OpenShift via 'oc’ CLI - Deploying existing images to OpenShift - Deploying code in GitHub repos - Deploying source to image Requirements This is a hands-on event so bring your laptop (macOS, Windows and Linux will all work)

  • Kranky Geek 2019

    Google San Francisco

    Important: Registration closes on Tuesday, November 12th! The Kranky Geek developer event (now in its 6th year) returns to Google’s San Francisco office on Friday, November 15, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. (registration begins at 9:00 a.m.). Register in advance now at krankygeek.eventbrite.com to secure your tickets! Note: RSVPing here on Meetup does not guarantee you a spot. Kranky Geek is a full day event with a series of lightning talks on real time communication technologies, applications and techniques from leading companies and thought leaders. This year’s event focus is on the state-of-the art in real time communications including the use of Artificial Intelligence technologies. With sessions from using machine learning to improve performance, implementing NLP with real time comms, to vision recognition. Kranky Geek is sponsored by Google with support from Agora.io, Dolby and Nexmo/Vonage. With additional support from Lifesize, VoxImplant, and RingCentral. Additional speakers include Microsoft, Apple and others! Tickets are $10 plus Eventbrite fees (price of $15 at the door). 100% of the proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to Girl Develop It (https://www.girldevelopit.com/). GDI is a nonprofit organization that exists to provide affordable and judgment-free opportunities for women interested in learning web and software development. Check out the event website www.krankygeek.com for the full agenda and speakers. Event location is Google, 7th floor, 345 Spear Street San Francisco.

  • Firebase for the Web with Sumit Chandel

    Google San Francisco

    Join us for a talk about "Firebase for the Web" in which Sumit Chandel will share some updates that are too important not to share! The Firebase team recently announced some important web updates at the Firebase Summit last month - web support for Analytics, Remote Config and Firebase Cloud Messaging. You could do some pretty cool things with these features already in your Android or iOS mobile apps, and now you can also do 'em for your web apps - or heck even across all your platforms. With Analytics, you can learn how you're users are using your app. With Remote Config, you can change the look and feel of your app on the fly for different groups of users segmented by your Analytics data, or other web-specific conditions like the user's browser or platform. And with Firebase Cloud Messaging, you can send and target your notifications to your users by segment or any other criteria important to you. Come learn about what these new features are all about, and how to use them in your web apps. About the speaker: Sumit Chandel (@s_chande) works as a senior developer advocate on Firebase, focusing on developer outreach both digitally and in-person by presenting at conferences and meetups globally. Before joining the Firebase team, Sumit managed the AdWords API advocacy team, worked on Android Wear and Instant Apps, and was a developer programs engineer on the Google Web Toolkit. Prior to joining Google, Sumit was a software engineer at Motorola, Optimal Payments and Westfield Insurance Group. On the side, Sumit is a "progamer" for Tekken, though he's yet to crack a Top 8 finish at a major tournament since 2018. Schedule 5:00 PM—Doors open 6:30-6:45 PM—Announcements 6:45-7:45 PM—Talk by Sumit, followed by Q&A 8:00 PM—Event ends Notes: * Online registration for this event closes at noon on the day of the event. * On-site registration (for registered attendees) closes at 7:00 PM. * For security reasons, unregistered guests and +1s are not allowed. Every attendee must be a member of SFHTML5 (on Meetup) and register for the event (RSVP Yes) before noon on the day of the event to enter the event; no exceptions. * And, yes, this event will be recorded and posted on the SFHTML5 YouTube channel.

  • JAMstack_conf SF 2019

    City View at Metreon

    After two stops in New York and London, JAMstack_conf is back for its flagship location, this time with 2 full days of content on topics ranging from JAMstack at scale, JAMstack with wordpress, Serverless architectures, case studies on the JAMstack and more! There's also a full day of workshops. Requires outside paid registration. Learn more & get tickets at https://jamstackconf.com/sf Discount codes for SFHTML5 members: 20% off conference and workshops (10 available): HTML520 10% conference and workshops (unlimited): HTML5 What's the JAMstack, you ask? The JAMstack is a powerful new approach for deploying fast, highly-scalable sites and applications that don't require backend infrastructure. Thanks to recent advancements in the web platform, developers can now run any web property ー from simple sites to complex applications ー on global CDNs and without a single web server. JAMstack brings together Javascript, APIs, and Markup, the three core components used to create sites that are both fast and highly interactive. JAMstack sites are well-suited to meet the demanding requirements of today’s mobile-first web: where load times urgently matter and quality bandwidth can never be guaranteed. Don't miss this event! It's expected to sell out. Get your tickets today at https://jamstackconf.com/sf Note: RSVPing on this Meetup page does not guarantee you a spot; you must sign up on the website: https://jamstackconf.com/sf

  • Container Developer Summit

    Galvanize - San Francisco

    Join IBM Developer for our very first Container Developer Summit. The Container Developer Summit is a full day of talks and networking with speakers from Alibaba, Kong, NeuVector, IBM and others. Free and open to all - come and learn about Containers, its ecosystem and how to leverage Containers in the enterprise. Bring your questions and appetite for learning. Learn about event speakers and talks: http://containersdevelopersummit.splashthat.com ==Schedule== *10:00 AM Breakfast & Registration *10:30 AM Hands-on workshop Bring your laptop and try Containers tutorials. IBM Developer Advocates will be there to help you and answer any questions *11:30 AM Welcome! *11:40a Henrik Rosendahl (NeuVector) How to Detect and Prevent Containers and Kubernetes Attacks *12:05p Andy Shi (Alibaba) How to secure containers *12:30p Lunch *1:15p Kevin Chen (Kong) Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this container! *1:40p Anthony Amanse (IBM) Building applications on the cloud with OpenShift *2:05p Coffee break *2:25p Marek Sadowski and Dave Nugent (IBM) Let’s get ready to rumble - Kubernetes vs. OpenShift *2:50p TBD *3:15p Happy Hour Learn about event speakers and talks: http://containersdevelopersummit.splashthat.com