Darwin Day Celebration

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Join us for a luncheon starting at 12:30 (donation of $10 or what you can afford). At 1:00 there will be a Scientific lecture entitled "How We Learn: Memory & the Brain" by Dr. Charles Vella (the lecture is free and purchase of the luncheon is not necessary).

Dr. Vella will give a brief review about what we currently know about the neuroscience of human memory. He will review the evolution and basic neurobiology of memory (anatomy, processes, types). It will cover the role of neuroplasticity, forgetting, and sleep in memory functioning. It will also include a variety of tips for better memory retention.

Dr. Vella is a clinical neuropsychologist who worked at Kaiser Permanente Hospital, Psychiatry Dept., Neuropsychology Service, from 1978 to 2009. Currently retired, he continues as a volunteer consultant at the Neuropsychology Service of Kaiser Psychiatry Dept. in San Francisco. He teaches a weekly postdoctoral course on neuropsychology in the Neuropsychology Service. He has lectured on Brain Fitness, Depression, Visual Illusions, Brain Evolution, and Human Evolution, for the Kaiser Senior Health Education Program, the Alzheimer's Association, City College, Sequoias, Rhoda Goldman, etc. You can learn more about Dr. Vella at his Website: www.charlesjvellaphd.com. We’ll be in the Thomas Starr King room. Everyone is welcome.