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How Christianity Got Its Attitude Toward the Jews

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Ever since its beginnings, Christianity has wrestled with the question of how to relate to Jews and to Judaism. This struggle has had a major impact on the development of Christianity and in some ways even defined it. And it has had even more impact on the Jews, from the ghettos to the Holocaust. Even evangelical support for Israel today is, at best, a mixed blessing.

To understand all this, we have to go back to the beginning, to the first years after the crucifixion, and Christianity's struggles to survive in Greco-Roman world. We will look at what happened back then, what may have happened, how it all got written down, and what it meant for Christianity and the Jews. Hopefully, we will get an idea why it is so hard for Christianity even now to let go of the Jewish problem. Dan Kohanski is an amateur historian who has been examining religion for many years and is currently working on a book reviewing western religion from a secular perspective.

We’ll start at 12:30 in the Fireside room. Sandwiches will be available for purchase. Everyone is welcome.