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The Power Worshippers, by Katherine Stewart

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The Power Worshippers, by Katherine Stewart


This is a Book Group. Reading the book is useful for participation but not mandatory.

Join us on video chat as we discuss this month's book, details below. Newcomers are always welcome, as are new book suggestions. A Zoom link will be visible to those who RSVP.

PLEASE NOTE that no one will be admitted after the first 30 minutes of the meeting in order to avoid disrupting the discussion.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to add any +1s, and to change your RSVP early if you can't make it.

ABOUT The Power Worshippers, by Katherine Stewart
A revelatory investigation of the Religious Right's rise to political power. For too long the Religious Right has masqueraded as a social movement preoccupied with a number of cultural issues, such as abortion and same-sex marriage. In her deeply reported investigation, Katherine Stewart reveals a disturbing truth: this is a political movement that seeks to gain power and to impose its vision on all of society. America's religious nationalists aren't just fighting a culture war, they are waging a political war on the norms and institutions of American democracy. Stewart pulls back the curtain on the inner workings and leading personalities of a movement that has turned religion into a tool for domination. She exposes a dense network of think tanks, advocacy groups, and pastoral organizations embedded in a rapidly expanding community of international alliances and united not by any central command but by a shared, anti-democratic vision and a common will to power. She follows the money that fuels this movement, tracing much of it to a cadre of super-wealthy, ultraconservative donors and family foundations. She shows that today's Christian nationalism is the fruit of a longstanding antidemocratic, reactionary strain of American thought that draws on some of the most troubling episodes in America's past. It forms common cause with a globe-spanning movement that seeks to destroy liberal democracy and replace it with nationalist, theocratic and autocratic forms of government around the world.
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