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Run PHP on Java at The San Francisco Java April Meeting

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Huh? Code PHP at a Java meetup group event?!?! Of course!

Running scripting languages on the JVM is all the rage these days. So much so, that we may loose the "J" in the "JVM" (

Most of us have heard of jRuby ( and jPython (, but the folks from Caucho ( (the makers of Resin ( now make it possible to run PHP on JVM as well!

Emil from Caucho offered to do a hands-on presentation on Quercus (, their PHP-on-JVM open-source tech, at this month's meetup event.

Here are the details:

Are you a PHP developer who wants the enterprise-class performance and reliability of Java? Are you a Java developer who wants the flexibility and power of writing views in PHP? Are you somewhere in between?

Then Quercus is what you're looking for! Quercus is Caucho Technology's 100% Java implementation of the PHP language and libraries. Available for use with any application server, Quercus brings the vast code base of PHP applications and knowledge to the Java platform. Quercus also allows you to run existing PHP applications with the reliability of Java and to expose your Java objects via PHP to create views easily.

Quercus is a high performance implementation of PHP that meets or exceeds the performance of the C PHP implementation with common PHP applications. Built upon a mixed interpreted/compiled implementation, long-running PHP scripts are compiled to Java bytecode for performance, while during development they are interpreted to avoid compilation overhead.

In this session, we'll give an overview of Quercus -- how it works and how it fits into the world of Java and PHP. We'll also dive into a hands-on session where we'll show you how to:
Set up WordPress ( on Quercus
Expose a Java objects and methods to PHP
See how to use the power of Java sessions in PHP

Here's a little blurb about Emil:

Emil Ong is the Chief Evangelist of Caucho Technology, Inc. Before taking on this role, he was a software engineer at the company, working on Caucho's SOA and JavaEE offerings. With an M.S. in Computer Science from UC Berkeley, Emil also has a background in security and systems.

As before, Marakana offered to make our meeting more enjoyable by providing refreshments!

The space is limited, so RSVP ( sooner, rather than later (even if you are not coming)!