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Hi, Everyone! our meetup is all about informing the power of this meditation in allowing your consciousness to become one with the UNIVERSE, the world! Just some background about this meditation method. 1. Where was it founded? 2. What makes it so unique? This meditation was started in South Korea about 20 years ago by a man named Suesignim in Mount Gaya. He had lived in poverty during the war and saw how futile life can be. His father died at a young age and as a child he used to watch his mother set a spot for him at the dining room every night for dinner and mourn over his loss. He often wondered what is the purpose of us living here and what is the point of living if we will all just die and disappear one day. So he went soul searching in the Mountain of Mount Gaya. He stayed there for 3 nights until he became enlightened or became complete. He then developed a way for anyone and everyone to also become enlightened and complete from that complete place/consciousness. This meditation method is now causing a sensation around the entire world! With over 315 centers worldwide. It CONTINUES to grow. Why? Because it works. So what makes it different from other meditations? 2. It uses a process of self reflection and cleansing of the mind. We have only added to our minds through our five sense ( social media, interactions with others, life experiences, society standards, etc.). However, we have never properly cleansed our minds of the accumulated minds we have put into it. We therefore live as a slave to our minds and have lost touch with our intuition and true selves. This meetup will inform how to become free from one's minds baggage and become universe mind which is complete liberation and freedom! One can recover their true nature and live as one with others without conflict or worry. HOPE TO SEE YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE THERE!

Daly City Meditation

531 87th St · Daly City, CA

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Meditation is very good. These days, people are becoming aware of the importance of meditation. Many highly successful people today have attributed their success due to their meditation practice. Practicing at Our Meditation you will be enabled to find true peace, happiness, and inner stability.

Our Meditation is a comfortable, peaceful and convenient place to meditate. This Meditation has a self reflection process which can change and improve your life, create self awareness and confidence. Through this meditation one can empty one's mind which brings real results and benefits

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