January SFNode Meetup


SFNode begins the new year at GitHub with two wonderful talks. Up first is Walmik Deshpande to show us how to create Electronic Dance Music with JS. After that we've got Doron Rosenberg talking about EclairJS. Following the talks we'll have a short open mic time for anyone to come up and speak for a few minutes on any topic.

6:30pm - Doors open
7:00pm - Creating Electronic Dance Music with JavaScript & Node.js - Walmik Deshpande
7:30pm - EclairJS = Node.js + Apache Spark - Doron Rosenberg
8:00pm - Open mic plus social time
9:00pm - Doors close

Creating Electronic Dance Music with JavaScript & Node.js
When you go to a club or a party or a rave.. What is one of the most obvious things you notice about the music?

It's repetitive!

Since we are engineers, what comes first to mind when we see something repeating itself over and over again?

Automate the damn thing \m/

I've created a Node.js module called Scribbletune (http://scribbletune.com/) which has a very minimalistic API (only 3 methods). I'd like to showcase this module along with the options available to us today when it comes to creating music with Node.js right from the terminal. Using my module and regular JavaScript String and Array functions I will put together the basic structure of an Electronic Dance Music track and show how easy it is for you to start dabbling with EDM using Node.js.

About Walmik Deshpande
@_walmik (https://twitter.com/_walmik)

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EclairJS = Node.js + Apache Spark
While Javascript usage continues to grow at a rapid pace, Javascript developers have not been able to directly work with distributed computing engines such as Apache Spark. The open source EclairJS project changes that by providing the Spark API to Node.js developers, allowing them to use Apache Spark's large-scale analytics, streaming, SQL and machine learning features by writing only Javascript. We will walk through a basic example's code and show off several fully featured example applications.

About Doron Rosenberg
Doron Rosenberg (@doronrosenberg (https://github.com/doronrosenberg)) has been working with Javascript his entire career, from browsers to web applications and is Staff Engineer at IBM.