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Gigascale Engineering and Building Asynchronous Python Web Apps

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Hope everyone has a nice holiday. SF Python is looking forward to another year of fun and informative meet-ups. On Jan 14, our featured speakers will tell us more about the best practices for engineering at scale and building asynchronous Python Web Apps with WebSockets and gevent. We will also have time for 3 lightning talks. If you are interested in delivering a lightning talk, please sign-up here (

Talk 1: Gigascale Engineering

Abstract: A Billion installs, a billion in annual revenue, many billions of transactions per day - what do you need for Gigascale Engineering? Bruno Bowden spent over 7 years at Google leading the engineering teams on Google Earth and Enterprise Gmail. He will speak to the important principles of engineering at scale and reliability in a constantly changing environment. From the time he nearly brought down Gmail to setting a record 1.7 million requests per second on Google's Santa Tracker. Please come along to share the humor, passion and hard engineering lessons he's learned.

Bio: Bruno is an entrepreneur, venture investor and keynote speaker. He is an Equity Partner at Data Collective Venture Capital with Matt Ocko and Zachary Bogue. Prior to that he led engineering on Enterprise Gmail ($1 billion annual run rate) and Google Earth (from a startup to 1 billion installs). He has been granted a patent pending for a Browser Size - a tool that illustrates how websites lose important traffic by placing content "below the fold".

Bruno has presented twice at the TED conference on Blindfold Origami and Santa Tracker. His more fun jobs have included stints working on the Diablo computer series and the animated film, Ice Age (nominated for an Academy Award). He received his bachelor’s degree in computer science from Cambridge University with Double First-Class Honours.

Talk 2: Asynchronous Python Web Apps with WebSockets and gevent

Abstract: Why should Node.js folks have all the asynchronous web application fun? In this talk you'll learn how to use WebSockets with Python, Flask and gevent to build full-duplex communications into your web apps. We'll live code from a blank file to a completed app that updates vote counters in a web browser via WebSockets without page refreshes.

Bio: Matt Makai ( (@mattmakai ( is a Twilio Developer Evangelist ( and Python web developer based in Washington, D.C. He was a speaker in 2014 at EuroPython ( and DjangoCon US ( and will be speaking in Montreal at PyCon 2015 with the talks "Choose Your Own WSGI Deployment Adventure (" and "virtualenv for New Pythonistas (". Matt has contributed to the Ansible project and programmed the Underwear ( and Plushcap ( libraries hosted on PyPI. He also writes the Full Stack Python ( website read by over 15,000 developers a month to help them understand how to build and deploy their WSGI-powered web applications.


6:15p - Check-in and mingle, with Pizza and Beer provided by our generous sponsor Yelp!

7:05p - Welcome

7:10p - Talk 1 and Q&A

7:35p - Lightning Talks and Announcements while lightning speakers set up

7:55p - Talk 2 and Q&A

8:45p - More mingling

9:30p - Doors close

Lighting talks:

Adam Sah - Python as a Query Language for Small Datasets

Leonardo Zizzamia - ng-flask A tasty scaffold for AngularJS and Flask

Scott Lobdell - Using Computer Vision to Estimate a One Rep Max on Benchpress

Please take note of the important check-in details at Yelp

  1. Doors open at 6:15pm to allow enough time for the check-in process. Before 6:15pm, please wait outside without blocking the building entrance. Wait list will be admitted beginning at 6:45pm. Doors close at 7:30pm.
  2. Please update the name on your account to reflect your FIRST NAME and LAST NAME. Yelp security will be checking IDs downstairs. If your name on is not the name on your ID, then please enter your full name here (
  3. Since alcohol will be served at the event, we ask that any underage attendees RSVP directly to the meet up host.
  4. Waiting list folks will be allowed into the event AFTER we admit all confirmed attendees.
    Yelp is generously providing food, drinks, and beer in addition to their venue space.
140 New Montgomery · San Francisco, CA
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