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July Pivots Around Pivotal

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Many thanks to Josh Susser and Pivotal Labs for hosting our venue this month.

Sarah Mei's Slidedown talk has been rescheduled for August. Instead, we'll have Zach Brock. This is an evening of tests, tests, and more tests.


TDD by Zach Brock
Not really sure about this whole TDD thing you've heard about? Never really seen it in action and curious about how to do it? Zach Brock will run through a quick TDD demo with Rails and Rspec to give you an idea of what it's about, how to do it and how it can help you to write better and cleaner code.

Cucumber 101 by Russell Taga
Cucumber 101 - Looking to automate your functional/integration testing? Heard of cucumber, but haven't had time to play with it? This session will introduce you to the framework and walk you through the basics of setting up cucumber for your app and writing some simple tests to help get you on your way.

Rails Webservices APIs and always up-to-date documentation with Cucumber by Sarah Allen and Wolfram Arnold
Using cucumber to describe your Webservices XML APIs, you can make sure that your docs are never out of date because they also serve as executable tests. In this talk we'll show how to use Rails xml builder views to create maintainable APIs. APIs are analogous to the human interface: they provide an interface for other software to interact with. As such, APIs should not be implemented with a to_xml method on your model, but rather be a part of your view layer.

Please email me if you have a Presentation or Lightning Talk.