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JSRookies ( and RubyRookies ( join forces at Hack Reactor to learn using Code School, and work on personal projects. The kickoff session will use free ( tracks. Take your pick:

- Javascript Track:

- Ruby Track:

In the following sessions, we will hit up other learning modules and also work on personal projects.

Note - the group learning portions are primarily geared toward JavaScript modules of Code School. Rubyists are welcome to pair off or form small groups to work on learning Ruby.

Goals - To collaboratively learn using personal project, the power of community, and ( modules. Learn from each other, and work together on a practical project that will help reinforce concepts.

May 9th and 16th - This will cover the Try jQuery module.

- Participants work together on a project that is inline with what is outlined within the class. Attached is the sample code for the project.
- After the two events participants will be encouraged to continue with the jQuery Air and the Coffeescriptmodules. This will help to prepare them for the next session.

June 6th and 13th - This will cover Anatomy of Backbone.js

Possible speaker event on June 13th

Recommended background - Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS would be helpful, but not absolutely required. Have Ruby interpreter installed. Chrome browser is recommended for JS hacking.

Bring your laptops, and create a free account on CodeSchool. See you there!


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