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Hinge Health is delighted to host the next SF Ruby Hacknight. Come spend a few hours hacking with other Rubyists. Parameters: completely open! Bring any project you'd like to work on.

About Hacknights: Hacknights are great place to put in a bit of time on that side project. To get help - or find help - on personal projects. For meeting other Rubyists and leveling up your skills.

[Edit Jan 8]: Tung Nguyen: Jets

Tung will talk about Jets, the Ruby Serverless Framework that he created. We’ll run through some introductory concepts like controllers, routes, and jobs. You’ll learn a little bit about how Jets works under the hood. We’ll also walk through a live demo. Then, we cover some use cases. You’ll learn how to get started with Ruby, AWS Lambda, and Serverless.

Approximate Schedule:

6:00 pm doors open, meet and greet

6:15 quick standup, introduce yourself.

6:30 Tung Nguyen: Jets

7:00 Hack hack hack.

8:30 Start wrapping it up.

9:00 Doors close.