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Taking F# to the Masses with CloudSharper (and Adam Granicz!)

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In this talk, Adam Granicz will introduce CloudSharper and will look at using it for getting people familiar with F# in different scenarios ranging from training your just-hired junior F# developers to doing global massive online F# courses that reach thousands of attendees. CloudSharper is an online F# IDE that joins Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio to extend the reach of F# to more developers, and offers a truly cross-platform development experience on the web. It makes programmers more productive by making the development, deployment and testing of large-scale F# web and mobile web applications more simple and more fun. After this talk, you should know everything about getting started with online, interactive F# programming and enjoy all the benefits it enables.

The speaker: Adam Granicz is a 4x F# MVP and book author, key F# community member and evangelist, and a regular speaker at developer conferences and workshops. Next to heading IntelliFactory, the first F# company specializing in functional web and cloud applications and developer tools, he serves on the steering committee of the Commercial Users of Functional Programming (CUFP) workshop where he promotes the use of functional programming in industry. You can follow him on Twitter @granicz (, or find him on FPish, the largest online functional programming community.