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Inaugural bike social

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Inspired by our friends in the Nor Cal Bike Touring ( group and suggested by the very social Mr. Kevin ( the first Urban Trail social event! Let's have a low-key, informal get-together to hang out and drink some beers. If you need an agenda, we can pretend this is a meeting to plan out new rides, but really, you should just come anyway.

I'll put out an array of snacks, along with some beer and wine. I can't promise that you'll be able to fill up - you should probably get something substantial before or after.

A note to the allergic: I have a cat. She'll be tucked away in a carrier, but her fur gets all over everything.

If my door buzzer doesn't work, you can reach me at 415.689.forty two, twenty four. I can't guarantee there will be room to store everyone's bike in my apartment, so please be prepared to lock up outside. There are three parking signpoles within sight of my living room windows.

Come hang out with some of your fellow riders! Humblebrag about your new bike! Bitch about how your last one was stolen! Plan an awesome tandem costume for the next Bike Party! Speculate if Elliot from E.T. kept pedaling the flying bike because he's actually a hipster fixie rider! Et cetera!