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What we’re about

This Is Shadow Paranormal

If you are looking for a fun and friendly group yet is also serious about paranormal investigating,Shadow Paranormal is for you. Whether you are completely new and have never been on a ghost hunt before or you're a seasoned veteran who has all the nifty gadgets and been to every haunted place around, you will find yourself at home here. We are focused on helping new people learn about the paranormal and give them a venue for them to explore and experiment.

Even though we are based in Riverside, we travel all over Southern California. We will have events and investigations in Los Angeles county, Orange County, as well as San Bernardino County. We also schedule our meetups on weekdays and weekends, day and night, so you'll always have something that you'll be able to go to.

Come join us in real life as we explore haunted locations throughout the Southland.

Note: Me/myself/I  is referring to You(Your Name)

You are taking complete responsibility for all guests that you RSVP for or Wait-list to- on  our site and/or bring along as your guest to our meetups.

By voluntarily joining Shadow Paranormal and you are in agreement to the terms listed below in regards to photos , EVP's and all other voice recordings.

This is a public meetup group You by voluntarily joining our membership at Shadow Paranormal and  and/or RSVP ing Yes or Wait list to the events posted now as well as all past events and future events with Shadow Paranormal and, do grant Shadow Paranormal and the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish photographs or EVP's ,voice recordings and other images or recordings of yourself /your child, or your invited guests in which I/You -My/Your child or My/your invited guest may be included, in any print, electronic, digital or other media; and to alter the same without restriction. further acknowledge that my/your participation is voluntary and that I/You will not receive financial compensation of any type associated with the taking or publication of these images or recordings. I /myself,irrevocably assign such images’ rights and uses to Shadow Paranormal membership as well as venue sites and their personnel into perpetuity. I/myself, hereby release Shadow Paranormal and its representatives and assigns from all claims and liabilities relating to said images,EVP's or other voice recordings. In Case of Death this release includes Heirs of your estate. Whether signed or not. Participation is then taken as signature of release.