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Shaktipat- Kundalini Awakening
I'm holding Shaktipat in Marlboro NJ on March 12, 2017 @2pm. Come awaken your kundalini. This energetic ability sparks your kundalini and activates your DNA which in returns clears all chakras. It helps you to remember who you really are and connects you back to source where your gifts await. Everyone experiences this differently. Many become intuitive and are able to tap into other dimensions, some speak the mother language, while others become healers and some just simply feel peace . What is Shaktipat? In every human being there is a source of divine energy that the yogis call the kundalini. In order to evolve spiritually, no matter what our path, the kundalini must be active. For most of us, the kundalini lies asleep at the bottom of the spine in the base chakra known as the Muladhara (Root Chakra). When it awakens, it ascends through the chakras until it reaches the highest chakra, the Sahasrara (Crown Chakra). When that occurs, we merge with our True Self and attain realization. This is called a "Kundalini Awakening". I like to call it a "Self Awakening". The person giving Shaktipat acts an instrument for the Shakti energy to flow into the person receiving. Shaktipat can be given by a energy healer in the form of a mantra (sacred words) or by a look or glance, a touch, usually on the Ajna Chakra, (third eye, the forehead), by thought, by an object like a piece of fruit or a flower, by phone, text and even over the internet. Recommended Donation is $25.00 but it's completely up to you. Location is at my home in Marlboro NJ Click the PayPal link, put in what you wish to donate. You will receive an email with confirmation and address of location.

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    Shakti Alchemy is the masala of a divine feminine life. A sultry combo of Vedic Tantra-Kundalini Yoga, Kalari Payattu, Shakti Dance and Yoni Yoga. Each sequence flow is infused with chanting, mudras, bandhas and goddess embodiment.

    Shakti Alchemy is the awakening of Shakti that draws upon Tantric practices which are in and of themselves independent and unique to their purpose when placed in our stream of life consciousness. When each goddess type is at maximum potential they conflate and become greater than the sum of their parts. Simply put we achieve a greater experience internally, externally, and universally when we combine and fully express our nature and all of its dynamics.

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