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What we’re about

Welcome, all who are interested in shamanism and want to work together both novice and experienced to transform your life, empowering yourself and connecting to all creations. We aim to work together in person and online to connect with ourselves and all beings to learn, transform and get inspiration, gain back our power, and receive sacred knowledge and healing.

We will work together in the community to create peace and harmony for ourselves, society and our environment.
-We will use, experience and learn about healing ceremonies from ancient knowledge.
-Shamanic journey to gain insight and knowledge that may help to support ourselves and our environment, and get inspiration.
-Working with the change of season and moon phase (full moon and new moon ceremony) to manifest what we want and let go of what we do not need and that is not serving us.
-Drum circle to build strength for the community.
-Create a safe space with like-minded people where we can share and be vulnerable.
-We also offer 1 on 1 personal shamanic healing sessions and remote healing.

When a person is balanced and healthy, their environment will also be benefited. We are one and never be separated.
One for All and All for One

P.S. This group is LGBTQIA+ friendly, all nations, and all beliefs and cultures are welcome. As mentioned above, We Are One