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Transmission Meditation
THE LAW IS LOVE; THE TRUTH IS BROTHERHOOD...Maitreya, the World Teacher. If you want to help the world, but don't know how, consider Transmission Meditation. By joining with other volunteers as they transmit the cosmic energies of Love, Brotherhood, Synthesis, you may serve the world in the most potent way available and at the same time rapidly advance your personal spiritual growth. Sure it takes some patience and discipline, but even beginners can easily get into the rhythm of this Gift of Service. Your Karma will be improved because you are serving. Your health will improve because the Masters are balancing your chakras and sending healing. You are in good hands when you participate in the work of the Masters who have guided Humanity since the very beginning. Transmission Meditation is always free, low key and open to all who wish to serve the world. No messages are ever given in Transmission Meditation. Looking forward to seeing you every 3rd Sunday in the month at 1PM in the Dallas group's meditation room in a cottage in the Lakewood section of Dallas. Please email me for the address. Namaste, Betsy

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Learn the background and techniques of Transmission Meditation, which is a most potent form of spiritual development as well a service to the world. As a combination of Laya Yoga and Karma Yoga, Transmission Meditation will enhance any other meditation or spiritual practice. No previous meditation experience is necessary, only a desire to help the world. If you are serious about wanting to help the world, but don't know how, this meditation may be for you.

Transmission Meditation is a service. The thing about service is that signing up to serve, or intending to serve is not really serving. We need to actually do the work of the service for it to do any good. Hopefully your interest will manifest in actually joining in Transmission Meditation. Its benefits can only be realized by those who actively take part.

There is no charge for Transmission Meditation.

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